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🔮Are you kidding me? Is she for real?

Yes it is possible to have anger anywhere in your body and even in your left nostril …

🔮This is what I told one of my clients when she told me she had lost her smelling sense since her child was born.

🔮As I mentioned before in one of my posts, whatever stress or trauma you had can get stuck in your body and stay there until you clear it.

In one of our sessions, my client told me she would like to get her sense of smell back and she had lost it since her child was born. I tuned in intuitively and saw that there was a lot of anger she was holding onto that was intertwined with some remaining of post-partum depression that hadn’t been dealt with.

She had been very unprepared to motherhood and fell into a whirlwind of chaos when her child was born and that the smell of nappies, baby, and all of what goes with it was so overwhelming that her sense of smell just shut down.

 We went deep, did a lot of healing on her relationship with her own parents, with her children, her identity as a woman and a lot of stuff came up, heavy energy was released, new energy came in and at the end of the session, not only she had dealt with motherhood, womanhood, love and acceptance matters but her smell came back and she told me she could smell the flowers that were in her living room whilst she was in her bedroom.

Quite deep stuff for some anger and resentment stuck in the left nostril, right?

💖So remember every time your body aches, or something is happening with your body, it is telling you something about yourself, your emotions and what you need to pay attention to. So you can ask you body: body what are you telling me today?💖

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