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💖 One of the most important “technique” or “tip” or “life lessons” I learned through learning about manifestation is to celebrate every single step, gift, reward, sign whether they are micro step, baby step, giant step lol.

It is all about celebrating from a place of gratitude. I allowed my external world for a long time to dictate what I should embrace or reject, kiss or spit on, love or dismiss.

🔮When we don’t have any emotional core, self belief and ultimately self love and self appreciation, we kind of drift wherever the wind blows. And we don’t really decide from a place of love but fear.

🔮I had a pattern of dismissing everything and anything that didn’t meet my “standards” and that in itself is pushing abundance away. I keep rewiring myself and reminding myself of that. So that when events happened that do not fit my expectations and my plans, it is about blessing the good that I can see and clearing the pattern/block that led to that non-wanted low vibration event.

On that note, I would like to celebrate the various discounts of items I have purchased in the last few days which magically appeared to me 💖

What win are you celebrating today?

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