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🔮You want money, love, health, support and yet when you look at your reality that successful, loving, charismatic, wealthy and mesmerizing you is nowhere to be found despite all the work you’ve done on yourself and investments you made in yourself.

🔮In fact you might have had a taster of it at some point in some area of your life and it really felt amazing. And it was like WOW! The best feeling EVER!

🔮 But then you lost it and like a dream that vanishes in the morning when you wake up, you only got the sweet memory of it to hang on to.

🔮 Have you ever felt undervalued, misunderstood and in total misalignment with who you want to be and show up as in the world?

🔮 The secret is that your current reality is mirroring to you who you deeply believe about yourself, not who you want to become. And if you want to change your reality, well then change your beliefs. Easier said than done, isn’t it?

And the solution is to:

💫1. Look at your self-image. When you look at yourself, who do you see? How do you see yourself? This is very well explained in the book Psycho Cybernetics, where the author Maxwell Matlz a cosmetic surgeon talks about how his patients would totally experience a boost in confidence and change in behaviour after a very minor cosmetic surgery, barely noticeable to the eye but invaluable to his patients. So it all boils down to your SELF BELIEF. And once you start shifting your self belief, you can create your reality the way you have always dreamed of.

💫 2. Be willing to unroot unpleasant truths. Have you had pain in the ears, or have you been suffering from sore throats? Well chances are you have been ignoring some very important truths and not listening to yourself for some time and your body is actually begging you to start listening to yourself. Once you start listening to yourself, you will be opening the gateway to your true infinite self to shine, expand and be such a bright light you will attract everything you desire

💫 3. Often times, you are stuck because you have not given yourself permission to go do or be whoever you want to be. It’s like you are waiting for something or someone to tell you: you can do it. Don’t expect to get it from your surrounding, Instead give to yourself. Love yourself enough to be, do whatever you deeply dream of. 

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