🔮Why Repressed Anger Is At The Root of Your Depression Even Though You Believe You Are Not An Angry Person?🔮

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Whilst working with many people who were suffering from depression and anxiety , I identified a very common pattern among the majority of them:

💫At the heart of their painful state of unhappiness, despair and lethargy, very well hidden was the emotion of ANGER! 💫

You see, if you are currently suffering from anxiety and depression, you are very likely showing signs of being introverted, lethargic and passive. You might not feel like socialising at all and even if you do manage to go out and mingle, you are very likely dragging your feet and are looking forward to be back home as soon as you can as you feel way safer in your sanctuary.

💫So from that state of apparent apathy, how can you tell if anger is eating up at you, deeply hidden inside and is like an outraged volcano ready to erupt?💫

You are nice and of service towards people and yet you have manifested very undeserving scenarios in your life such as:
🔮You oftentimes have to deal with angry people that lash out at you for no apparent reason
🔮You are willing to help but somehow you feel like your kindness is being taken advantage of and you always end up feeling used. And not even getting a thank you as those you are helping take your help for granted and are not grateful at all.
🔮Your boundaries need some work: you are finding it difficult to stand up for yourself in certain scenarios or situations. You are struggling to speak up and it feels really hard to say no.

💫Why is this happening?💫

💫Depression is caused by an accumulation of repressed emotions of powerlessness, traumas, shocks and inability to speak up. 💫

Can you remember a time when something was said or done to you and you didn’t feel you could respond back or stand up for yourself? You were so furious and outraged but you couldn’t express it. When was the first time it happened? How old were you? How did it make you feel? And when you think about it, where do you feel it in your body?

That very feeling has likely happened many times and as a result, it affected your self esteem, self worth and self confidence. All of these low vibes emotions got accumulated in your energy and in your body. And because they were not released, these emotions attracted very damaging situations, events and people to you.

In fact if you feel depressed and tend to be always courteous, accommodating and non-confrontational, you are likely to have the most stored anger in you.

💫Why didn’t you know find out about it earlier? 💫

💫These feelings festered and the survival mechanism was for your body to numb itself as the pain was too much to experience💫: faced with too much pain, it is very likely for your body will numb itself out of survival need.

You will then NOT FEEL much as you have suppressed a lot of your emotions. That also means you tend to not listen to your body much and what it needs.

Have you caught yourself dismissing your emotions whether it is sadness, feeling tired, hungry or even pushing yourself to do some extra work when you actually feel exhausted and your body is begging them to stop?

Because I was feeling so numb to my own repressed anger, I ended up in hospital with a very swollen jaw and despite the several medical tests which didn’t show anything apart that everything was normal, I found out that this was my body screaming at me to release that repressed anger that had been stored in my jaw for far too long.

I’m Sabrina an Intuitive Manifestation coach and healer and the reason I recommend healing the root of your depression by clearing the low vibrations that got stuck in your energy and in your body is because this is how I healed myself.

It wasn’t until I discovered energy healing that I started my in-depth healing journey. This is why it is of utmost importance to me to get to the root of what is creating my clients’ depression. When I clear all the negative emotions in your energetic field and in your body, then you will feel sooo much lighter, happier, and more positivity and more success will enter your life. My clients have felt a sense of immediate relief and experienced many breakthroughs and wins: one young man received unsolicited free help, a lady got offered a new job, another female client found new love, and a young trader cleared his chronic anxiety whilst maintaining a consistent positive mindset and net profits.

While I believe it is possible to heal oneself, I know that it is safer and more effective to work with a trained intuitive healer. This is why I help you heal your depression and anxiety with very powerful tested tools and techniques combined with my intuition.

If this approach sounds in alignment with you, I’d love to hop on a call with you and share more about how I could help you experience the self fulfillment, happiness and lightness that you so desire .Book a complimentary call here to learn more http://bit.ly/2H2ZGgR

You don’t need to wait for your body and soul to scream at you to take care of it. Take action and start healing yourself NOW!

You can watch the live I did on it here


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