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🔮Remember your ability to manifest your desires and your wants in a playful and fun way without efforting is highly correlated to your connection to source energy, light or the divine.

🔮People have told me before: but there are people who create success by being deeply connected to their oversized egos, are totally non spiritual, very materialistic and incapable of love. Meaning totally deprived of love therefore below the frequency and vibration of love energy.

💫Fair enough but ask yourself, when you operate out of this place low vibration, how do you feel about yourself everyday? Do you feel constantly insecure and fearful of losing everything that you have or totally supported and loved because you are constantly connected to the light?

💖Bringing light constantly into your life is the most magical gift you can give to yourself. Things will fall into place magically, doors will open and love will be a constant in your life, bringing you more wealth and happiness.

Have a beautiful day 💖💫🔮

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