💫 Little Known Secrets To Avoid A Painful Healing Experience & Make It Smoother and Faster💫

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If you have done a healing session, there is a high chance that you have experienced strong and painful reactions during and post healing.

🔮Why is that?

First of all, what happens during a healing is that all of your deepest wounds are being brought to the surface for you to become aware of it and therefore for you to heal them.

These wounds include all unresolved issues, feelings or emotions that you didn’t want to deal with.

The reason why you experience it can be painful is that there are memories associated with these emotions and the emotions themselves are actually not pleasant to experience.

So the straightforward solution is quite simple and basic: it is a question of embracing these emotions and at the same time of letting go of the pain and the associated memories.

🔮But is it that easy? Well yes and no. As often times, the memory of the trauma and the pain has become intertwined with your identity i.e. who you think you are.

So when you are asked to let go of that negativity, that aspect of yourself that does no longer serve you, there is a part of you that got used to it and got comfortable with that negativity and therefore is struggling to let go.

The more you are resisting the letting go, the more pain it is going to create and the more painful the experience of healing is going to be.

🔮How to make the healing smooth and easy?

Well the solution to have a smooth and easy healing experience is to:

• Decide: just make the conscious decision to release that negativity, meaning set your intention to totally let go of that part of you that no longer serves you and allow it to be cleared and to disappear from your being

• Don’t try to understand WHY this happened to you at all cost and how come and get all the details to allow yourself to let go of the trauma and pain: have you ever wondered “WHY did this happen to me?” and you kind of held onto finding out WHY for some time, feeling totally disempowered, powerless and defeated. This mindset is actually keeping you stuck as you are focusing your thoughts and energy on what it is what you have to let go of. My recommendation is to actually not worry about the why and actually everything will make sense to you once you are further ahead and once the healing has taken place.

• Be consistent in your thought process , don’t create new blocks /cross purposes: if you have a pattern of being a constant worrier, it is likely that you tend to look for what to be worried about. So as soon as you clear a block, enjoy your new found state and do NOT go into what’s next mode. Of course you want to progress further but learn to enjoy the progress

I did a healing a while ago and it was about clearing the belief that I had to suffer before I could get what I wanted. After I finished the healing, I had an excruciating pain on top left side. The reason why it was so intense was because somehow I totally identified myself with being in suffering whenever I am manifesting what I desire. And when the time came to finally let go of that part of me that got used to the suffering and instead explore this other side of me that was ready to expand and thrive, all of a sudden I became fearful and held on to the pain. I them made the decision to let go and released it for real.

And this is what I am helping my clients with. I tap into their energy and establish what are their deepest fears and resistance thanks to my intuition. Once I identified what their deepest resistance is, I work with them to clear it which makes the healing process smoother and faster.

What has been your experience during or post healing? I would love to hear it. Please feel free to email me to stfwconsulting@gmail.com

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