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Are you thinking of hiring a coach and healer? So tell me, what do you expect to get out of it?

If you want results, then bear in mind that you need to have a certain mindset prior to working with someone who will get you where you want to be. 

So if you are considering getting some help, let me save you some money and let me share with you 7 reasons why you should absolutely NOT hire a coach.

1. 🔮You Have A Victim Mentality: you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself when things do not go the way you want AND you blame the world, external conditions for not being where you want to be. In essence, you don’t take full responsibility for where you are in your life. If this is a pattern that you have, then guess what? There is a high probability that you will blame your coach when things do not work out for you instead of looking at what needs to be readdressed or tweaked with the help of your coach. Of course there can be the case where there is inherent compatibility between you and your coach and it is purely a question of not being the right fit for each other which brings me to the next point.

2. 🔮 You Don’t Have A Good Connection With The Coach: if you are seeking help from someone who is going to provide you with support and healing then it is of utmost importance that you have a good connection with that person. Make sure you feel comfortable with that person and grill them with questions if you need to. Let your intuition guide instead of your logic. The best decisions are made when you trust your gut and when the decision you are taking feels good.

3. 🔮 You Want Your Coach To Fix And Save You: it is commendable to seek help and well done for doing so. HOWEVER, don’t expect your coach to carry you, meaning you still need to do the work whether it is meditating daily, journaling regularly, listening to your intuition, follow your inner guidance and take guided or inspired action on top of the specific guidance and healing you are getting . The coach/healer is there to support you, give you guidance or healing or both but at the end of the day your success is up to you which is intimately linked to your level of commitment.

4. 🔮 You Are Not Really Committed: if you are doing something just for the sake of it but deep down you don’t really believe it will work because you don’t believe in yourself then what are you doing? I want you to pause and answer the following question: What Do You Really Want? Tony Robbins says your life can change in a heartbeat as it is in the moment of making a decision that your life is being shaped. So decide, commit and dive in. Whatever happens next is a new adventure, a period of growth and expansion. Be excited of this new journey!

5. 🔮 You Don’t Believe In Investing In Yourself As A Means To Expand: in order to decide to hire a coach or healer, the very first parameter is the understanding and belief that you are worth the investment. Have you ever been in a situation where you spent $2K-$3K+ for some holidays and yet when it was about investing in yourself, you just froze and got into scarcity mentality straight away? If this is the case, coaching might not be for you at the moment. As the shift in mindset needed first to get to the point that you value and love yourself enough to understand that your personal growth will drive the quality of your life and your success.

6. 🔮 You Want To Hit The Jackpot At Once: You want results so much so that you get deeply disappointed when you don’t get to the top of the mountain after one single session. Listen to me: celebrate every single baby step you are making as if you are already at the top of the mountain as this is the energy that you are going to put into appreciating your progress that will lead to further progress and ultimately to the ultimate outcome that you so desire. And remember that this a process and your body, soul, spirit and energy is gradually adapting to higher and higher vibrations and frequencies that will bring you what you asked for.

7. 🔮 You Know It All Intellectually But You Don’t Implement: You’ve read all the books, went to all the seminars, tried loads of techniques and tools and yet you still feel like a mess. You get it, you know how it works so what’s happening here? Very simple answer for you: you are not NOT doing the work. What? How dare I? Let me explain. Understanding how something works does not mean you are doing the work. If you understand how to shift your energy but you don’t tap into your feelings when your anxiety shows up and work through the emotions, then you are not going to change your state at all. I have worked with various people who before they started their journey with me were feeling like they’ve tried everything under the sun and yet they’d missed the obvious. Simple truths of life but which they totally missed as they were too busy intellectualising their way out of their state of despair.

💫Are you considering hiring a coach? And if yes, what makes you feel ready for it?💫

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