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Have you ever wondered : wouldn’t it be great if I could get cured overnight and feel happy and excited about life? What if life could be an ongoing experience of orgasmic bliss?

Well the good news is that YES YOU CAN HAVE THAT!!! YES!!! …. BUT …..The less good news is that it is going to be a process to get from a state of feeling depressed and life sucks to I can’t wait to get up in the morning, shine my light and enjoy every second of this beautiful and magical day.

I understand you want a quick fix but quick fix is not what will get you where you want to be. The magic pill lies in making sure you go through a real, in-depth healing journey. And it is a step by step process. Every step is a magic pill 😉. Don’t be disappointed. Now that you know there is no shortcut as such , you can finally make the progress you so desire.

Here are 6 tangible steps to follow:

1. 💫 Do Not Push Your Feelings Down. Instead explore them and ask the pain what it is trying to tell you. Feels odd, doesn’t it? Well your feeling are there for a reason and sweeping them under the carpet and telling yourself you are fine is not going to help you much apart from having them fester and grow deeper and stronger and keeping you stuck. Once the awareness emerges, then you will be able to let go of that dark, low vibe emotion.

2. 💫 Instead of looking for a quick fix, dig deep and look for the root. When did it all start? What age were you? Who was around you? Mum, Dad, an authority figure? Something must have happened at some point of your life that created that resentment, anger, distress and disgust for life even. Find out about it and then heal it with the help pf a healer and release it.

3. 💫 Get Support But FIRST …. Be Committed To Experience A Breakthrough: whilst you can do that work by yourself like a big grown up that you are, you are very likely not going to see the woods from the trees in the midst of your sorrows and distress. This is why I believe it is of vital importance to work with a trained healer to identify and do the healing work on you. I’m Sabrina an Intuitive Manifestation coach and healer and my magical superpower is to use my intuition to identify very quickly what is at the root that state of constant despair and we work together to heal the various layers that were accumulated over the years. The techniques and tools that I use are been proven tested and extremely powerful. However remember it is a joint effort and results are very effective and fast WHEN THE CLIENT IS DEDICATED AND COMMITTED to do the work and to experience a REAL breakthrough. If you are lukewarm about the whole healing process and are not totally ready, then save yourself the time and money because whatever you are going to do will not yield real results.

4. 💫 Surround Yourself With Uplifting People: getting support through the help of a trained healer is important but it is equally important to make sure that you evolve and live in a supportive environment. Choose wisely who you surround yourself with as every time you interact with someone, there is an exchange of energy. You want to have high vibe, supportive and positive people around you. As this will have an uplifting effect on you.

5. 💫 Be Clear On Your Desired Outcome: There is no greater recipe for failure than not knowing what you want and where you want to go. It’s the clarity of your direction and your goals that will determine your path and your level of actions. Set your intention to heal and experience a breakthrough and experience a blissful life. Then guess what? Opportunities will arise and people will show up to help you on your journey. And don’t dismiss the signs when they show up. Have the faith, strength and courage to follow up with action when what you have been asking for finally shows up.

6. 💫 Have A Routine To Shift Your Energy And Follow It Diligently: like every athlete or successful person will tell you or also someone who lost substantial weight and maintained it , it is dedication and diligence that got them to where they are. The same is required for your emotional well being, particularly if you’ve been trapped on the lower end of the scale for some time. Whether it is journaling, meditating, connecting to source. Do it on a consistent basis the same way you are brushing your teeth every day if you want to have good teeth 😉

💖Where are you in your healing journey? What have you tried and what has worked and what hasn’t? I am very interested to know your journey. 💖


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