10 Day Manifestation Challenge

Day 1 – Establish your rituals

Note: Take a selfie

Day 2 –  The Power of Intentions

After setting your rituals, today’s video is about the power of intentions.
Whatever you think of and the thoughts of how your day will go is of extreme importance in how your day is going to evolve and what it will bring to you.
Pay attention to your thoughts and to your words πŸ™‚
Happy Manifesting!

Day 3 – Eat Your Frog

After understanding the power of intentions, today’s video is about shifting your energy around what you don’t feel like doing but you know you have to do it.
Sometimes it can be that one thing that separates you from what you deeply desire.
Happy Manifesting!

Day 4 – Heal Your Relationship With Yourself: The Power of Self Love

A lot of what is happening in your life is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.
Heal your relationship with yourself and let love pour within you and out of you to be in alignment with your deep desires. Happy Manifesting!

Day 5 – Live Healing

Today you will be assisting to a live healing session with a participant on abundance. I will look deep and perform what I call “psychic surgery” on that person.
By watching the replay, you will actually benefit from the healing as well. So focus on what I say and visualise everything I say and recommend to do.
Enjoy and happy manifesting!

Day 6 – Breaking the Code of Your Patterns

Today we are going to look into your patterns: we will clear the negative ones , break them down and transmute them and for the positive ones we will leverage them πŸ™‚
Happy Manifesting!

Day 7 – What if manifestation doesn’t work?

Today is about what to do when what if your manifestation doesn’t work.
I give you a very important piece of advice on what to do then and how to move forward.
Happy Manifesting!

Day 8 – The Art of Allowing

Today is about the art of allowing. When you’ve set your intentions, cleared your resistance and taken guided action, the most challenging part can actually be allowing your desires to manifest.
Sometimes we can get fidgety, unsure, anxious and fearful, which is exactly what can cause delays to occur.
Beware of what you vibrate as this is this very same energy you will be attracting to your field as per the law of attraction.
Remember Like Attracts Like 

Day 9 –  Be Transparent With Yourself

As we nearing the end of this challenge, one very important aspect is being truthful and transparent with yourself in order to address it and therefore move forward further.
Today I am asking you to b courageous and dig deep!
Lots of love to you and happy manifesting!

10 Day Manifestation Challenge … almost the end

Day 10 – What Happens When We Upgrade?

Today is the last day of our 10 day Manifestation Challenge.
I share with you what happens when you upgrade and what to do when you encounter resistance.
Happy Manifesting!

Check List
1. Daily Rituals i.e meditations in the morning and set your intentions , in the evening to remove any toxic energy you picked up during the day and remove it from your field. – Take a selfie on day 1
2. Hourly connection to light energy
4. Affirmations
4. Eat your frog
5. Check your vibes, erase the negative vibes and replace with heightened frequencies and vibrations
6. Check your patterns: break down and transmute the negative patterns and leverage the positive patterns and write the story of what you want to see happening
7. Check in with your intuition and take guided action
8. Allow the manifestation to take place: master the art
9. Be transparent with yourself: list what still needs to be addressed and decide what is your next action step

“I must say your practices are very practical, no hypothetical things. You just target on the right thing. You are already helping me since long, Knowingly, unknowingly. Thank  you soooo much.” S.D

Below the notes of one member of our community of magnificent abundance manifestors!

Further notes – ABOUT THAT FROG


Some time ago, I did share with you in my 10 day manifestation challenge that an important part of how to move forward in your life was to eat that frog, a phrase I borrowed from Zig Ziglar, one of the major personal development teachers. In essence it is about doing that thing that you’ve been procrastinating on, or that you actually feel repulsion towards but you know you need to do. Because what you desire and truly want is on the other side.


Let me give you more clarification on that. You can do whatever that you need to do but felt not excited about by pushing yourself to do. That can work …. for some time… but will you be able to maintain it? That is called discipline and can be applied for sure … but what does your heart tell you? Does it scream and want you to run every time you are about to do that thing you might end up hating?

Let me tell you something. What’s golden here is to explore what’s underlying this feeling of reluctance and procrastination. Really dig deep here. What you will find there will shock you but at the same time be your catalyst for growth.

One of my frogs (yes I might have many …don’t we all LOL) is to deal with my admin and budget. Something I have been dragging for years and I mean years. This is by far my biggest one. So forcing myself worked only temporarily and did not do it.

Until I decided to heal what was underneath all of that reluctance. There I found loads of guilt, shame and fear. And once released through healing work, I then started to have a very different approach. And started to even experience JOY in the process! How liberating and freeing!!!

So what is it for you? Take time to explore and dig up these heavy emotions which are burdening and release them. You will see that life becomes more flowing and you will feel more empowered and much much lighter!

PIC: Vibe Enhancing Window Shopping Experience πŸ˜‰

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