Only 48 hours until the offer comes down.

What happens during a healing session and after?

And after 6 weeks of intense healing?

We get to the core of what is hurting you and needs to be released.

And then boom transformation occurs.

The methodology used is unique: with clients, we go on an adventure together whether it is back into your chilhood or previous lives, or different dimensions where you left a part of your soul and you are claiming back and where your energy was wounded and created so much pain and suffering in your life, let alone drama.

Malisa is an amazing testimony of what type of change can happen once we clear the various layers of energies and an insight into what blew her mind whilst working together.

Next is Preethika.

Preethika came to me as she wanted to improve her money situation and have a heightened intuition.The journey was intense and magical.Listen to what she has to say

You can still join to and start transforming your life NOWMastermind, One to One or Both. The choice is yours


Caveout: this is not for the faint hearted and for sissies (according to my existing clients 😄). So beware, you need to be courageous to explore the darkest parts of your soul and do the work required.

Happy Manifesting!

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