This is a 3-day series workshop healing and guidance each on how to deal and heal your 50 SHADES of light and darkness:

💖 Worskhop 1: How do you know you are carrying an energy that is not yours?
💖 Workshop 2: What to do when everything you’ve tried gives you close to no success?
💖 Workshop 3: What it means when unexpected drama shows up in life and in business?

Who is this for? Well, this is for you if
✨ If you want to go supernatural once and for all
✨ Operate at full quantum speed by default as a way of life no
✨ Success in the only option and you are ready to shed all the layers to finally be encumbered by whatever heavy energy you have picked up one way or another

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💖 In case you know you are totally ready to go full on and experience a very empowering and powerful HEALING to heal and shed ALL all the layers of negativity so can you thrive with exponential momentum with no further setbacks , I then I highly recommend to get immediate access to the 50 SHADES Course in lieu of the workshops. Click here to find out all the details. Besides the course has the 50 SHADES workshops as bonuses so you will not miss out on these very high vibes of pure healing and spiritual guidance. And you will be on your way to the NEW transformed and upgraded you!

Either way, I am very excited to have you onboard and to be working with you!

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