Whether you are in deep suffering and in pain or have desesperately tried to reach an outcome but have failed miserably despite the several well strategised attempts and good intentions, what is causing you to feel caught in a spider’s web is your energetic blueprint.

Your energetic blueprint is like your spiritual DNA that you carry around with you at all times wherever you go, whoever you are with and whatever you do.

This is why you will see some people being “luckier” than others or being very successful even though they are completely obnoxious to others (karma where you are you?) or not really believing in themselves and yet being carried nicely by the flow of life and thriving effortlessly.

It does sound unfair doesn’t it?

How about your hard work and your good nature? Does it count for nothing?

Well look around you.

Have you witnessed some good hearted people not only being taken advantage of but drama happens to them over and over again even though they “did nothing” to deserve it?


Because life sucks I can hear some of you say but I wouldn’t recommend to take that route of feeling defeated about life.

What is happening is that at the very core of each of us lies our energetic blueprint, our spiritual DNA as I called it earlier.

And depending upon how it is wired or damaged, life will suck or be a blissful experience or in between.

When you have a damaged energetic blueprint, your energy is wounded.

And based on the width and depth of the wound, life will feel like a burden to carry on your shoulders or a walk in an enchanted forrest. And your “magnetism” to love, successm, healh and wealth will be limited to how high or low your energy vibrates at.

Now let me explain you something.

What I am talking about here is at soul level that in my opinion only very gifted soul doctors aka true healers can reach and alter and deeply heal (let’s call it level 3 for the sake of this explanation). This is what a true shaman is meant to achieve effortlessly because of the nature of their energies, their abilities to tap into higher frequencies of energies and navigate between various dimensions of realities that only a few are able to do. Often times a very deep soul wound needs to be tackled from various angles (which is why people talk about layers of healing which is actually various dimensions of healing). And as long as the wound is not entirely dealt with in its entirety, the person in pain (let’s call him John) will continue to suffer, albeit having experienced some alleviation or temporary relief.

Now a lot of you who are semi personal development junkies (only because you are devoted to your happiness and relentless about making it happen and designing your dream life) are used to a more superficial approach to healing. In that approach (level 2) you are taught that awareness expands consciousness (as per law of quantum physics) and as such healing occurs as a result and that your mindset will get you there. The more insights you get, the more awareness you are gaining and as a result different decisions can be made and therefore action can be taken and your life alters. It is actually partly true. I call it stirring the pot. You might be aware of your crap, but it is still there. Staring at you in the face (most likely at night when your restlessness doesn’t have any other option than to stop), following you like your shadow. And you are numbing yourself through all of it to avoid the acute pain you might not even know is burried 10 feet under at soul level.

This is why so many of you get stuck in phase 2 for years or even decades. And this is where my clients are when they reach out to me as they have tried it all and nothing worked really. It did some but no to the extend expected. This is where they tell me “get me out there”. And we go on a wild magical sometimes painful ride in level 3 but they come out totally transformed and operating at a total different level.

And then there is level 1. The physical world where we live. The practicality of life. Paying bills, household chores, taking care of your bodies, brushing your hair, taking the steps to move forward at work or in business and / or love. This is where you implement, you make the call, meet people and chat and have fun or wipe a tear or two because life disappointed you. And this is where you experience life in its human and physical form, you strategise and execute.

But let me tell you this, not only your experience of life but your life itself will completely alter once you meet the right healer, that you are ready for deep sustainable and exponential change after being fed up of being stuck in level 2 for like seems to be forever.

If this is you and you are fed up of stirring the pot but you are ready for a new energetic blueprint through deep soul healing, then you have found what you have been looking for a long time but had almost lost hope it was just a fairy tale.

DM me “quantum” if you want to take your next step or go directly to the link below to take the assessment or book a single session.

Click on the link to take the assessment or book a single session https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/assessment/

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