Cute memories šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜. I still remember this day where I received these magical presentation folders. I was so excited and over the moon.

Soon after I  manifested an investor who had some $50min spare cash to invest post sale of a subsidiary a media group he was heading. He agreed in principle to invest $6mn in my investment fund ($1mn seed capital and $5mn as minimum investor as per my prospectus).

Why might you say?

Well he simply got carried away by my vision and how committed I was lol and how I was dedicated to make it happen.

Remember energy is EVERYTHING!

I was over the moon. Thrilled. Excited. I mean come on. I hadn’t slept the night before as I was supposed to meet him for a simple “casual coffee”, where I ended up pitching him my vision and what I was intending to pioneer. My assistant also worked relentlessly on the various bits and pieces and even fell asleep on his computer out of exhaustion.

But then it all fell down the drain.

What happened?

Hummm do you want fact wise or energy wise?

Because as you know by now, it all comes down to energy and how you command energy to create your reality.

I had done an amazing job creating something out of nothing from 3 years ago when I read a book on conscious capitalism and whilst I was going through my spiritual journey.

And then a light bulb lit inside my head when I put the book down, I thought to myself: what if I create a fund that solely invests in companies that have a spiritual impact.

Fast forward 3 years later and an investor said yes!

Well until I stopped believing in my power of manifestation.

I let doubt creep in and picked a finance guy to stand by me (well for image purpose supposedly as he had an impressive CV M&A at PWC and all) because I felt I had to, who ended up creating an imbalance of energies as he didn’t have the values, charisma and beliefs to move it forward. The more I was doubting myself, the more the investor pulled away and returned to his conservative self as an investor.

I basically manifested my own resistance like a mirror.

What happened is I let the outside dictate how I should feel inside. I stopped leading and instead became more of a follower in my energy.

So here is my advice: NEVER EVER DOUBT YOURSELF!

Do what feels right to YOU.

Don’t allow anybody to push you to do something because they supposedly know better or somehow are pushing you or guilting you into it.

This can only cause drama and confusion within yourself.

Stand up for what you believe in. The end.

Don’t do something you feel reluctant to do but you feel you have to do to conform or because others are doing it.

Don’t be a follower if you are meant to LEAD.

So when it comes to my story, well I pursued my path that allowed me to embrace my intuitive gift even more than ever.

I actually got out of conformity for real and not in principle šŸ˜‰ and decided to embrace my gift as an energy healer and intuitive manifestation coach as you know me today.

The results I have with my clients are mind-blowing and truly magical.

I am now bringing my gift to businesses.

However the difference this time is that it is selective. To those who are already on a journey of self improvement or willing to explore a new holistic approach to business

**** SPECIAL GIFT: until JUNE 10th, you have the possibility to get a free assessment of your company, healing and guidance on how to increase your sales, expand, rock your bottom line and vibrate a high frequency as an institution in a nutshell earn more, work less and expand at speed light (value $555) ****

Apply if you meet the following criteria:

šŸ”® Minimum Annual Turnover of $250K

šŸ”® You have a Team

šŸ”® Business can be offline or online

šŸ”® Single owner

šŸ”® Owner or management embrace their spiritual selves, have had exposure to it or are willing to explore a new holistic approach to business

DM Sabrina to apply or email stfwconsulting@gmail.com with the following title ***Special GIFT Business Assessment***

Check out how to create a quantum transformation in your business here https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/business-quantum-transformation/ (

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