Are you joining my mastermind?


Are you joining my mastermind?

If you have attended my live event last Thursday or watched the replay and been infused with the healing energy, and you want more, this message is for you

Imagine that thing that thing, desire, situation or experience of life that always felt like an impossible dream to reach and yet at the same time you know in your gut this is what you are meant to live and experience

You have that anguish consuming you from the inside and you keep thinking about it day and night.

Now what would it feel like to be able to now have that very thing you have been dreaming of, experience that life in addition to loads of flow and ease with that inner peace running the show that is at your core center.

Life is no longer a burden but more of a beautiful experience when you get to live the life you always desire.

I have been told recently to give more specific examples so that you can relate.

And this is where I am not often sure what to share as each healing is unique to each of you you see.

I just tapped into my intuition and asked what it is that I need to share with you

And I heard the following that is addressed to you all:

“ It is totally ok to be where you are.

I am not sure to shame you into not having had your dream realised yet

Were are all work in progress and our timelines will differ based on what needs to be processed, faced and dealt with

And from there you have options to move forward

Finding your own way through life experiences or taking a shortcut whilst still facing your stuff

What I am offering you is deeper experience of yourself, a soul transformation experience that will allow a full blown soul healing which as a result will magnetise your energy and your outer world will alter as a result in a way that you have never experienced before and livign life that felt like pure fantasy before your work with me.”

And this is when I talked back to my intuition and said … hummm is that enough? It’s not very concrete though …

And I heard: “ The shallow ones will get bored and will get distracted by the next shiny object promise they will see so let them go. They are not meant for that depth of work. The ones who resonate with that frequency you are vibrating at will feel a tingle in their body, a resonance to your words, a smooth warmth wrapping itself around them and they will want to know more as their next step just unfolded in front of them. It is at that point still an option. It is then up to them to take that next step out of freewill as you want to work with fully empowered men and women who decide for themeselves, not those who get carried away for shallow promises and hop from one promise land to the next”

So here is what I will add:

Whatever hardship you have and want to overcome I am going to dig inside your personal pysche, energy field and remove the negativity and heaviness and replace it with a purer energy frequency

What will happen next?

Your life will become more vibrant, more energised and abundance will become your second name.

Will that be easy?


You will feel your repressed crap coming up to be processed, you will cry a lot, your body will be in pain, your soul will go through a crisis (called healing crisis) as it will be in shock when I touch the very core of you. You will have to rest quite a lot, sleep and drink tons of water.

Will you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Totally. This is what this programme was created for. For you to get everything you always desire and more


“This is the real deal, this very raw healing, just have the courage and enjoy the ride. You will get to a new version of yourself that you haven’t known before” Max, VIP member

PS: $9,999 bonus when you enrol by October 13th

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