I believe there are different parts of you that need attention and need to be understood.

The wounded part of you that needs healing and needs deep care and inner work. I talk a lot about that part in my several posts.

And then there is this other part in you that can be happy just being in the moment, who is happy with the little things, can laugh for no reason. The part of you that enjoys sipping your coffee in the morning whilst listening to some jazzy music in the background. That part of you that can let yourself go and wander in various realities: the quantum field where all is created before it becomes physical and tangible, where anything and everything is possible.

There is another part of you that I like to call the “boring adult” lol meaning the part of you that is wants you to do things properly, fit the norm to some level and make sure you are not a total lunatic in regards to society. That you stay in your lane when you need to.

As a result, these various parts of yourself tend to be in conflict which then creates stagnation and frustration because one part will tend to say to the other to stay still when the latter actually wants to go full steam ahead.

So because of this drama going on inside, unless you learn to command your energy, you will likely struggle to feel good inside with all of these conflicting feelings.

What’s the solution then here?


Instead of wanting to solve everything all at once, you can decide to feel good for the next hour or for the next 5min regardless what’s happening around you and in your life.

Decide to put it on the side for a little while and you can come pick it up later to do some more inner work, deal with the responsible side of your life or whatever part of yourself needs to be addressed.

But at least you took time to let go for a little while and you allowed yourself to feel good without guilt, without tension, without the overthinking and the overanalysis.

The same goes for those who want to reach a certain tangible outcome whether it is money, health or relationships before they allow themselves to feel good and happy.

This is not the right approach to experience a blissful life.

The magic is as follows: first feel good just because and then the rest will come. If you can’t then you might need to do some healing to remove some heaviness lingering in your field as you might carry in you a deep ingrained sadness that might not be yours to start with.

This is important to do on a regular basis as feeling good for no reason is what your body and soul needs. AND is what is going to be your underlying foundation to create what you really want to manifest as this is the energy through which you operate that defines your success and the pace at which what you desire comes to you.

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