🔮Hello and welcome to this page. My name is Sabrina Antou and I am a magical shamanic healer and a manifestation coach. My expertise is to create quantum transformation in all areas of your life by working on your energy field and healing you deeply thanks to my healing gift and abilities.

🔮This is for you particularly for you if you are going through a tough time and you have been looking for a while to have a breakthrough in your life and despite the various attempts, results have been minimal and disappointing and you are truly ready for change.

🔮 This is also for you if you want to expand even more and you want all the help you can get to reach your next level with ease and flow.

Examples of issues for which clients have reached out to me for healing and support: feeling like hitting a wall, going through a divorce, attracting the right investors for capital raising for start up, achievement of a business project resulting into being allocated further projects, feeling purposeless in life and wanting to find excitement for life again, improving performance as a trader, attracting the right romantic partner, feeling numb to life and wanting to experience more, leaving a toxic marriage, improving relationships between husband/wife, child anger, feeling depressed and anxious etc.

🔮 This assessment questionnaire is to be filled if you are a first time client, are interested to experience a deep full life transformation and need help to decide what programme suits you the most based on your situation. Another alternative is to experience a 60min single session with Sabrina immediately at https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/individual-sessions/.
Otherwise please continue to scrool down and fill the full questionnaire. Sabrina will get back to you by email or DM after reviewing it.

You can browse the various offers here: https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/bringing-magic-into-your-life/. Once you submit the form, DM Sabrina to let her know and after reviewing your answers, she will come back to you with her recommendation of what is better suited to you.
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