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In one of my live modules of my From Money Slave to Money Master course, a couple of students enquired about masculine/feminine energy and how to find the right balance.

Your ability to receive is intimately related to your feminine energy whether it is love, money, joy, happiness in your life. In your feminine, you skilfully relax and enjoy your needs and desires being brought to you.

On the other hand, your ability to manifest is also correlated with your ability to take guided action and be in your masculine at that point in time.

When I tap into my intuitive guidance to answer this question as in how to find the right balance, the answer is to feel your way between the masculine and the feminine.

How so?

And is it that easy?

Well, if you have been been numbing yourself for the sake of what you thought you should do instead of what feels right, then “feeling your way” through life feels like a whole new world to you or may be a lost world that you haven’t been living in for a long while.

Let alone feel when to shift between the relaxed receiving and allowing feminine and the driven action taking masculine.

Not to worry.

There is a solution to everything.

What you first want to do is reconnect with your sense of self. Who you are at your very core.

In order to do that, well there is no surprise, so deep healing is required.


Time and time again, I have witnessed step into their core energy.

It is very common for my clients to experience massive metamorphosis between session. I had a male client who stepped into his masculine in such a way that even his voice changed.

The softness that I saw in him before the healing and which presented itself to me more like a hindrance of expressing himself fully was actually hiding a fear of rejection and losing love.

Post healing it was replaced by assertiveness and decisiveness. The fear of the void was transmuted into a fountain of certainty and inner knowing.

The Masculine represents STRENGTH, STABILITY AND DRIVE at the same time. He is the ROCK.

The Feminine is flowing, allowing and represents that SWEETNESS and FLOW of life.

Healing the numbness and the emotional and spiritual scars of your life will allow you to not only majestically navigate between your masculine and your feminine but also to allow your partner to flourish in their own core energies.

Happy Manifesting!

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