Interesting topic I felt important to approach as it concerns many of you who have worked on improving yourself, learned how to shift your mindset and energy on demand.

When you are a free-spirited person and operate from a high frequency based energy, you rarely put up with facades, inauthenticity and let’s call it “small talk” as it feels like a toxic substance to you and somehow you have like an allergic reaction to it.

So in that case, unless you made a vow to become an ermit (which I wouldn’t recommend), how do you manage to keep a social life if you feel like don’t belong and most importantly you don’t want to belong as it feels yucky.

A client of mine even mentioned to me once: “It was easier during the lockdown period” LOL

Ok so first things first


Be the real you and the right people will gravitate towards you. Also set the intention to do so.I recall that at the beginning of 2017, I did set the intention to be surrounded by LOA (Law Of Attraction) minded people and sure enough I went on and created a meet up around that topic and met great human beings with whom it was a real delight to connect.

And somehow the people that I would meet, bump into would be of a similar energy and mindset.

Even at work (at the time I was still working in banking), I met people who had that energy too, which is a big rarity in this field.

The bottom line is don’t lower your standards!!!

At any cost.

And what about people with whom you have to interact with like work colleagues, family members even, old friends.What do you do then?You can still interact with them even though you have different beliefs and energy as long they let you be and you let them be.

Be polite, respectful, be your awesome you and joyful self and just enjoy being in the moment.As it will be very ill-advised to go dump your knowledge and beliefs onto others because you “saw the light” and potentially “know better”.


Everybody has their own journey, path, beliefs.And some people might never be opened to see what you see and that’s ok.

You can have a good time with someone who has different beliefs from you.You can have a mind of your own but it doesn’t necessary mean be the smart ass of the room lol.But interacting with people who don’t share my values, doesn’t it make my interactions more superficial?

Listen, you don’t need to have deep, meaningful and poignant conversations with everybody you connect with.

Some connections will be lighter. It doesn’t make you a shallow person.

It makes you rather eclectic πŸ˜‰

And for your very close circle, yes be intentional on selecting those you can talk to for hours and it is so deep you forget what time it is and where you are as your connection is so pure and elevating.

If you don’t have this quality of friends yet, then I would recommend to set the intention and use your manifestation techniques to call them in in your universe!

Happy Manifesting!

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