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🔮Are you looking to raise capital from investors and are relentlessly cruising all networking groups online and offline with the hope that someone will be mesmerised by your vision through your amazing pitch and invest in your baby aka your promising company?

🔮Do you fear that once your investors are on board, they will put tremendous pressure on you to get their KPI met and you are no longer the master of your ship?

🔮 You are not into the numbers game but into quality and you know that it is about attracting the right investors with the same values as you

🔮 In other words, you want RELIABLE, GENUINELY INTERESTED INVESTORS WHO SHARE YOUR VISION AND WANT TO STAY WITH YOU IN THE LONG TERM not just a quick and dirty in an out experience

  • 🔮 6 week intensive healing and preparation of your company to PREPARE IT FOR EXPANSION & ATTRACT THE RIGHT INVESTORS. This includes:
    • ✨ raising the frequencies and the energy of your start up including your employees to get ready for the upgrade and expansion that you are planning with the capital raise
    • ✨ highlighting what might represent red flags for potential investors energetically and what needs to be reviewed, tweaked, upgraded and/or enhanced in the company’s dynamics
  • 🔮 Removal of all blockages to allow your business to be attractive to your ideal investors
  • 🔮 Intensive coaching of the CEO over the 6 week period: 2 personal sessions a week with the CEO + unlimited access to Sabrina from Monday to Friday

PS: oh yes, just forgot to mention….

With a background in investment banking (JP Morgan, UBS, BNP Paribas, etc) and my expertise being in assessing companies through their financials, I figured that will also come handy to contribute to heal your company at all levels, dimensions and realities ;-P.

However if you’ve followed me for some time, you know by now that my style is totally unique and that time spent around me and with me will alter your reality FOREVER 🙂

So if you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole of your business with the most awesome witchy healer former banker to bring magic into your business and your life,


For established companies, please note that this programme is only available after completion of the 6 month Business Quantum Transformation.

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