I am currently creating some support material for my Business Quantum Transformation Programme and like every time when I act from pure raw inspiration aka intuitive guidance, the stuff is GOLDEN, I mean for real!

And among the deep dive healing meditations and practical guidance across the 10 Modules that I came up with, there is a golden nugget that I felt compelled to share with you.

You see the first module is around the CEO Mental State and please note, ladies and gentlemen, that I used “MENTAL” and not some Law of Attraction fancy jargon.

So yes it all boils down to

1. how solid you are when it comes to carrying your vision with you wherever you are, whatever you do and

2. your ability to weather the storm, any storm no matter the size and the season of your life.

Whatever or whoever you are looking at whether it is a task to perform, or someone you are interacting with and as a result the energy that YOU are putting into this task or connection ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS comes from a part within yourself that is either loving or fearful, solid or weak, wounded or healed.

And this is the golden nugget.

Because as soon as you start healing this part of you that was wounded and in suffering and then it is trained to emanate love, care and expansion whatever you do and whoever you are interacting with, then this is going to be your dominating vibe at all times in good and bad times.

And this is when you are going to be like Midas and have a golden effect on whatever you do and whoever you are interact with.

It is I believe Marianne Williamson who says that Miracle is a shift in Perception and by that it is not purely about luring yourself into believing something that is not real.

But rather because you operate from a different place more golden energy if you will then your perception upgrades and as a result your reality matches it.

And like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, you will be followed wherever you go.


And by what?

Well first your aura will be so magnetic, strong, pure, irresistible that its reach will be limitless and ever-expanding.

And by what?

By whatever and whoever you choose you want to have in your space.

As everything you always dreamed of will be yours in that instant.

If you want to have more information on the Business Quantum Transformation Programme and its support material (not released yet), go to https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/business-quantum-transformation/ and DM if you have any question

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