DECISION, DECISION: how to decide?

When I was 10 years old, my dad got super mad at me for not being able to decide what sandwich to pick at a snack bar.
I was hungry and yet I couldn’t decide. I was taking AGES to decide. And I mean AGES. He actually lost it so that we left the place without any sandwich and me in tears (the story ends with my dad returning to the place with me as I promised I would decide on the spot and me finally picking something to eat that I chose but with not much conviction).
In restaurant with friends, I used to stress out when I would look at the menu because I didn’t know what to chose and would often times end up being the very last to pick what I wanted to eat. You see. I carried that inability to decide in adulthood …..until I got it.
The reason of this dreadful hesitation is simply because I wanted the best option and I didn’t want to lose out. I didn’t want to risk it. … even for a sandwich lol
Fast forward today. I no longer WASTE time being undecided. I just decide. Because I don’t want to stay stuck in limbo and live a life of undecisiveness.
I understood a few things which I am happily sharing with you:
– I decide based on how I feel not what I think is right- I listen to myself more and by myself I don’t mean my logical mind, I mean what I am inclined to go for- Sometimes when I am not 100% sure because I am not as strongly compelled, well guess what? I take a risk. Still with my feelings though. Why? Because only then can I move forward instead of feeling and staying stuck.
One important factor for change is to decide.
So if you just started the year and you want this new year, new decade to be amazing! THEN YES, DECIDE!!!
The power of intentions is super strong believe it or not.
People make fortunes, change lives just because THEY DECIDED to do so.
And then it is about following your inner guidance.
If you want to boost your start of the year, have everything on your side, then you can DECIDE NOW!
Decide to take guided action. Don’t wait for it. Decide, feel, act and review.
This is why I am launching the Quantum Transformation Week.
It includes so much you have limited room not to decide 🙂
It contains so much that you will get all the tools you need to no longer be in uncertainty mode when it comes to your future, your present, your life.
You want to feel equipped for this year to create magical results for your life.
Throughout this amazing week, you will get
🔮A full live group healing hour every single day over 7 days in alignement with the energy of the group to clear old, heavy vibes and welcome and enhance the new you for this new year (7 hours of healing and guidance – valued at $2,331)
🔮15 min individual healing for a participant every single day (valued at $583)
🔮Daily homeplay/assigment to boost your healing and manifestation🔮Access to the content for life
🔮My full support over these 7 days to whatever pain, concern you have in order to move forward.
AND as BONUS: 3 recorded group healing sessions that were recorded as a follow up of the 10 day manifestation challenge (valued at $297)
This is time for your upgrade. It will be fun yet intense but your soul will be soooo thankful for it 🙂
Let’s make your life magical NOW and let’s not wait. You have waited enough in your life.
Check more details here
I wouldn’t wait…
PS: pic of me chilling with a unicorn 😛 ….

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