Dive Into Your Soul

Come Out Of The Pandemic Stronger, Happier & Wealthier

🔮 Has this pandemic increased your scarcity mindset? 

🔮 Are you unsure of your future? 

🔮 Has your anxiety levels increased? 

🔮 Are you working from home but still dislike your job? 

🔮 Or did you get laid off from your job and worried about your finance? 

🔮 Do you feel like you’re not good enough or worthy? 

🔮 Always wanted to work for yourself? 

🔮 If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 3-week course is for you. 

🔮Scarcity mindset is real. We’ve all experienced it. 

🔮 During this pandemic, we’re seeing people on a whole different level of scarcity. But we’re also seeing people wanting to create change. 

🔮 It’s time to create the life of your dreams and knowing that you already have everything you need within you to make it happen. 

🔮 You’re going to find out everything you need to know to to reset your mindset and move forward in life.

Not just any life. 

A life on your terms. 

Doing exactly what you want to do while being exactly who you are. 

And creating your own unlimited stream of income. 

Transform your relationship with yourself in just 3 weeks to reframe and heal your mindset & soul with Mindset Coach, Priya Shah, and Magical Intuitive Manifestation Coach and Energy Healer, Sabrina Antou

🔮 Reframe & reprogram your mindset. 

🔮 Tap into that inner truth. 

🔮 Dive Into Your Soul has 3 modules (with really good homeplay) + 3 Q&As all led by Priya Shah & Sabrina Antou. 

Lead Your Mind And Heal Your Soul

🔮 This module is about learning how to shift your state and elevate your mindset & energy on demand and healing your soul. It’s going to be magical and nothing like you’ve experienced before.
If you have a tendency to fall into anxiety mode without warning, or feeling overwhelmed and burdened by negativity from other people, if you don’t find to easy to move forwards in your life but would love to free yourself and have an effortless and flowing experiencing of life, then this module has been made for you 

🔮 Q&A: update and questions on what’s been happening, share experiences, insights and more questions

Learn To Listen (It’s all about alignment baby)

🔮 Being at war with yourself is actually the real reason why so many of you are still stuck. Guess what? We got it covered. Through this module, you’re going to learn to fall back in love with yourself. How? By getting to know yourself through the gift of being aligned. 

Meaning getting to listen to your needs, desires but also to what is causing you pain and suffering in order to heal what hurts and pave the way for more happiness and joy. 

🔮 Q&A: update and questions on what’s been happening, share experiences, insights and more questions

Elevate Your “Wealth Vibes” 💰💰💰

🔮Making money is one thing. Creating an unlimited stream of income being exactly who are and doing what you love is a whole different level. In this module you’re going to learn how to master your mindset and your energy so much so that by healing and elevating your money energy, you will be able to attract more money by just being you. Does it sound mysterious? It’s no longer going to be a secret for you after this module. 

🔮 Q&A: update and questions on what’s been happening, share experiences, insights and more questions

🔮Private Peer to Peer Support Facebook Group

🔮 Lifetime Access to all the content

🔮First 5 people, 3 days unlimited voxer support with Priya + 2 magic potions (group healing sessions/trainings) How To Follow Your Inner Guidance & How To Shift Your State Instantly

🔮 SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS! The first 5 people who sign up will get a group 90 MINUTE deep dive session with Priya and Sabrina. We will spend 15-20 coaching each person.

Anyone who signs up after the first 5 will still get access to the recording, so everyone in the course will benefit.


Early, early-bird rates now available until April 27th 

Pay in full: $555

Payment Plan:
6 monthly payments of $111 (total: $666)

Please read Terms & Conditions.

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