I remember reading a book where a young girl used to be told by her mother that she was ugly every time she was being naughty or misbehaving.
This stuck with me somehow.
And these days, whenever I work with clients, truth comes out and often times it is UGLY. And it reminds me of the book.
Because believe me it is ugly when that truth comes out.
Dark, despiteful, disguting, murky.
So much so that I need to do some cleansing rituals for the energy to be cleansed, removed and transmuted.
Is that my client’s fault?
Not really
Often times, in fact 99.99% of the times, not at all.
That yucky energy started at some point in time to be glued to my client for one reason or another.
Have you heard the story that if you tell a kid often enough he/she is bad, he/she will end up believing it?
This is in essence what’s happening with all sorts of subconscious beliefs, protection mechanisms as at the root of all of it is wounded energy. Which as a result end up defining the identity of my client as a result.
In a very recent session, I worked on a client to give her solid foundations around her sense of self.
It started by first clearing the ugliness she had been carrying for decades inside her. I heard the insults she had been constantly attacked with.
It was harsh, violent and very demeaning.
I felt embarassed even repeating what I heard and yet I had to share what I heard as this was part of the path I was being shown for her healing to take place.
We dug deep and decluttered and cleared that ugly, murky, sticky energy
Next phase was to attend to her sense of self.
And this is when it was shown to me how self love is being built in into someone’s blueprint.
At the center I planted the seed of truth.
Next layer and in fact all around it I added a layer of self.
Next circumference was a layer of Self Acceptance.
Then another layer of Self
And then finally I injected the next layer which was Self Love
Like a multi layered cake, I injected in my client’s energies what has now allowed her to create a solid foundation for her to feel self love and not fluctuate and wander purposeless in life
With a surgical precision I rewired entirely her energetic blueprint to allow my client to feel truly self confident and self reliant in life permantently so that she won’t have to work on herself over and over again with a temporary hype of feeling good once in while before falling back down into despair and darkness
You will hear often times that Self Love is advocated in order to thrive and be happy.
However you might struggle to truly find how to create it from the inside particularly if you have been severely emotionnally wounded.
You might have tried various techniques, followed dozens of gurus and yet somehow inside the void is still there and the pain is still excrucitating may be lessened at best
It’s because these methodologies might have comforted you for a while, gave your understanding and insight into your pain but none of it has really gone deep down into your soul and energetic blueprint to heal and rewire it entirely.
This is why it hasn’t worked
This is why you are still searching
This is why you keep trying one programme or coach after the other
My name is Sabrina and I am a magical shamanic healer and a Master at Quantum Transformation.
Once you work with me, your life will never be the same. EVER.
Results speak for themselves.
If you are ready for your life to be transformed at a quantum level and you’ve been looking for a while and you can’t wait to finally experience what your heart desires, let’s talk
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