This is typically the type of text conversation I will have with my massage therapist: “my left shoulder asked me about you lately so when is your next availability to book a 90min session?” lol

A lot of you listen to what your kids, spouses, friends or pet ask to respond to their needs.

So let me ask you this?

Do you listen to your own body?

Do you even know how?

Or do you always wait until the last minute, until the doctor gives you the bad news or until your body can’t take it any more and breaks down and you have no other option than to do something about it?

This morning as I was getting up and was about to get coffee, I heard: “Take a bath instead. Relax. And let the energy integrate”

Well I took my journal with me and my coffee. And prepared my batt with Epsom salt, lavender essential oil and funky foam for the fun of it 😁”

So magnificent abundance manifestors, tell me how are you starting your weekend ?

Did you set an intention ?

How did it feel when you woke?

How did your body feel?

These golden questions are your magical keys to your kingdom of happiness and wealth.

Yes I just said it.

So make the time and honour yourself 😘 💖

PS: this is the time of the year for A Quantum Transformation Week.

It includes so much you have limited room not to decide 🙂

It contains so much that you will get all the tools you need to no longer be in uncertainty mode when it comes to your future, your present, your life.

You want to feel equipped for this year to create magical results for your life.

Throughout this amazing week, you will get

🔮A full live group healing hour every single day over 7 days in alignement with the energy of the group to clear old, heavy vibes and welcome and enhance the new you for this new year (7 hours of healing and guidance – valued at $2,331)

🔮15 min individual healing for a participant every single day (valued at $583)

🔮Daily homeplay/assigment to boost your healing and manifestation
🔮Access to the content for life

🔮My full support over these 7 days to whatever pain, concern you have in order to move forward.

AND as
BONUS: 3 recorded group healing sessions that were recorded as a follow up of the 10 day manifestation challenge (valued at $297)

Warning: this is not the faint hearted 😘💪🏼


Day 1 – Remove Traumas & Negative Repetitive Patterns From The Previous Year and Before

Day 2 – Rewire Your Whole Identity To Step Into The New You

Day 3 – Setting Strong Foundations On Which To Build

Day 4 – Become A Excellent Receiver & Heighten Your Vibrations

Day 5 – Getting To The Top Of The Mountain

Day 6 – Stepping Into Your Power NOW

Day 7 – Tap Into Your Intuitive Power To Keep Expanding and Soaring

BONUSES – The 3 day Series Group Healing sessions bonuses group healings are a follow up of the free 10 day Manifestation Challenge

This is time for your upgrade. It will be fun yet intense but your soul will be soooo thankful for it 🙂


Let’s make your life magical NOW and let’s not wait. You have waited enough in your life.

Check more details here

Quantum Transformation Week One To One

I wouldn’t wait…

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