There is a commun shared belief that suffering is a precedent to getting what you desire or before you can finally enjoy what you have.

Is this true?


What is my take on it?

Well, I believe pain is a trigger to go deeper within. To get in touch with a part of yourself that you would have no interest in getting to know if things were all blossoming and blooming.

In my own experience, it somehow led me to grow up emotionally through a speed train lol and open up a pandora box that was necessary for me to heal on a very deep level.

Additionally, the awareness that arose through this experience is key to be able to connect with my clients and acknowledge what is torturing them on a deep level.

I was asked in my last interview if I would do things differently if I had to start all over again.

Well that is really a question that I can answer because I can tell you that with the knowledge, wisdom and healing that I gathered since I left business school, I would certainly different choices for sure.

And if my younger self had a chat with with my future self ie current me, I would certainly would whisper in her ears to go get healing as soon as she can and to follow what makes her feel good to her and do what makes her feel happy. Would certainly save me years and years of suffering.

Nevertheless, my path has been and is what it is. There is no need to really go back in time to wonder what if because you are where you are today because because of choices, decisions and beliefs you had at a certain point in time.

Embrace it

Take the good in it, draw the wisdom and from that experience decide what feels best to you.

So as a result, if you have experienced hardship and pain, use it as leverage to go forward and upward.

Hardship and pain are however not a must AT ALL.

If life has been good to you, then take it and say thank you. Don’t feel bad either because you’ve been blessed.

We’ve been dealt different cards at birth and so it is.

Don’t feel guilty or blame if you had a good head start or not. It doesn’t change what you have been gifted or given.

Always use whatever experience as a learning experience and a stepping stone.

When you adopt this approach, whatever you have experience can only be a doorway to a deeper and more meaningful experience of life

Happy Manifesting!

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