🔮 How is your relationship with money when you have it?
🔮 Do you feel good, secure and happy or do you feel fearful and almost guilty of having it?
🔮 Even when you have money in your bank account, how do you feel towards paying your bills, and dealing with your financial paperwork? Do you feel that tension and almost a tummy ache that only goes away (temporarily) when you play ostrich and puts your head in the sand?
🔮 How about your taxes? Do you feel excited at the thought of paying them or do you cringe at the mere thought of them like a dark cloud appearing on top of your head?
🔮 When money shows up, do you feel overwhelming happy but then weirdly enough unexpected expenses show up?
🔮 Or you somehow lose the money in some investment that doesn’t end being what you expected. Even worse you get involved in some scammy schemes or with some scammy friend and your savings end up being totally wiped out.
In a nutshell, money doesn’t stick around with you.
Like a whirlwind romance, it felt good whilst it lasted. But then you wonder what happened, why it just disappeared so quickly.
This is why I created this course. To HEAL AND ERADICATE ALL THE ABOVE
This is for you if
🔮You do not know why your money keeps eluding you and would like to put an end to it once and for all
🔮You’ve made wrong decision after another when it comes to money and you can’t trust yourself anymore with any money related matter
🔮You want to set the energy of expansion, abundance and everlasting and ever-growing wealth as your default vibe
🔮 You want to transmute the love/hate/famine & feast vibe when it comes to money and you are determined to do so
🔮You want Overflow to be your second name 😉 Meaning you want to always relax in the knowing there is plenty of money in your bank account not because you’ve been visualising it but because it is there already, palpable, tangible, real.
Check the details here

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