Before the session, I was feeling confused about my new business and which way to go next and what to do next and was just kind of overwhelmed.

Sabrina started the clearing process and I could literally feel so much stress leaving me as my body felt lighter and more relaxed.

She helped release issues I was born with and cleared so many self-defeating beliefs and attitudes I unknowingly held inside for years.

I meditate and do clearing and spiritual work every day and was amazed at how much she was able to add to my own progress. I thought I’d taken care of it already and she found deeper issues to work and clear.

At one point she helped me decide exactly what next step to take, what direction to take my business into and how to be happy and confident in moving forward.

I felt so much better after our call and with excitement, passion and intention I scheduled an event at my home for 9/21 and everyone I talk with about it is excited for it coming.

One of my biggest concerns was that I needed money now as I’ve been out of work a long while and not earning anything at the moment.

The Very.Next.Day! I visited our tax accountant to finally complete our filing for last year.

I waited while she processed everything and was blown away when she told me we get refunds from Fed and State which never happens!

We always have to pay state even with smallish fed refunds. The results this time = more than $4K refund!

You can’t get more immediate than that .. the very next day!

I’ve head readings with very talented people in the past and this was the most substantial session ever.

Sabrina has what it takes to get you cleared and lit up to live your best life.

She left nothing uncovered and I still feel good, positive, motivated and grateful from our call two weeks ago!

I highly recommend her work, energy, spirit and sweet personality. Work with her – you’ll love it!

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