Escapism is about going into this place of deep creativity in your mind, where everything feels soothing, smooth and magnificent.

The place of your happily ever after.

Where everything not only FEELS but also IS perfect for you.


Isn’t it in this very exact place where you are meant to be going when you want to create in the quantum field in order to manifest our dreams into reality?



“Are you confusing me Sabrina?” I hear you say

No no it is the same place.

So what’s the difference?

Escapism is used as the name says to escape from a reality you can’t cope with.

A reality that feels too harsh, too brutal, too painful.

And fantasy is used as a safe haven where the soul can rest and recover.

The problem is when you stay there.

And you don’t want to wake up.

Because dealing with reality is too much to handle.

So you keep on dreaming for hours, days, weeks, years, decades.

And your life goes by and yet doesn’t change in your physical reality.

You stay stuck.

Your dreams are still big or are even getting bigger but follow-up action is nowhere to be seen.

You are a simple dreamer and when there is a tiny little chance that things become real, then fear kicks in.

And you either want to run or you self sabotage.

What about the one who creates from the quantum field and uses this place of creative thinking to actually create and build and empire?

Well that one just becomes a disciple of the “Think and Grow Rich” tribe.

He or she executes from a place of guided/inspired action.

Intuition becomes your magical compass to move forward and take action. There is nobody that can stop you because you have faith in yourself, you are connected with your heart and you just know.

And because you know, then you do.

And you tweak along the way.

You transcend fear.

You get support.

You educate yourself if needed.

But you never give up.


Because you are committed to yourself.


Happy Manifesting and keep on dreaming AND doing 😉

PS: Below and excerpt from Inception Movie where this scene shows dreamers who only want to dream and are ready to take a sedative to stay in that state.

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