Something very funny happened this morning. I was taking out the trash and was walking through the garage of my building to get the garbage bin and I saw that red Ferrari with his red cover that was saying hi to me lol.

Previously to the red Ferrari, there used to be a Maserati in that exact parking space and I recall I used to say that I manifested the Maserati in my surrounding and existence as I used to fantasise about that car, as there is something so classy about that car that I felt very drawn towards.

For those who know me, they know that I have three favourite cars, the Maserati and red Ferrari being the top two and let’s not forget the black Porsche. So I guess I manifested the red Ferrari into my existence lol.

What’s next?

Well may be owning them. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

OMG! What is she talking about? Isn’t she supposed to talk about spirituality, energy and purity of the soul? Isn’t she a coach and a healer?

Why so materialistic all of a sudden?

Well there is nothing with materialism and anything else that you desire for that matter as long as you don’t let any of it define you and take over who you are at your core and in your essence.

It is all about the place from where you operate. That very energy that defines how you live your life on a day to day basis.

Once you have a very strong core (emotional and spiritual), you have the energy, inspiration and flow to create everything you desire from a place of certain and confidence.

Without allowing the shame, guilt and other low vibrations emotions get in the way and mess up with your vibe.

This is what I am offering in my new launched 6 week course Quantum Transformation.

The magical opportunity to shed all the layers of inauthenticity and heaviness that you have been carrying in order to create more freely and be happier, lighter and be more real.

This will make your life sweeter, more fun and more magical.

The course starts on Friday, Nov 1st.

Don’t let life run its course whilst being just a spectator. Act now. Decide now of the quality of life you want to experience for the rest of your life 😉

Join me and let’s bring magic into your life. I wouldn’t wait.

PS: I must say ….the parking space user he/she has excellent taste 😉

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