Have you ever wondered what to do with your life?
Like you want to do something meaningful with your life and get a great sense of accomplishment and inner fulfilment.
So you go through a list of options in your head and you follow every single advice you can read, listen to and study but somehow nothing really sticks.
You are doing it wrong.
You cannot think your way through life and expect to experience total fulfilment.
Instead feel your way through life.
And this is why all the strategies, tips, and methodologies do not work.
Because you went to your heard first to decide. Instead of feeling it.
What gives a sense of excitement, bliss?
It can be something you’ve been doing already that people come to you for but it is so natural to you that you wouldn’t even think this is something you can charge for.
As this is so easy for you, so common sense, so basic. It can’t be THAT easy right?
Because you want THE BIG BREAKTHROUGH.
In my experience, this approach rarely works and is very unlikely to make you feel whole and happy.
Because the energy behind is low vibe, comes from insecurity and not “enoughness”.
Whatever you chose to do that makes your heart be so pumped with joy, excitement and thrill is what will give you the breakthrough. Not the other way round.
Follow your bliss and your path will be then shown to you.
If for some reason, you do feel numb to what creates these emotions in you, then it is time to do some inner work and remove whatever is burdening you and is cluttering your joy.
You can start with one single session or go straight to a programme that suits your needs, or rather your soul’s needs should we say 😉

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