From Eyes To Soul

All you need to know to manifest at will and become a Magnificent Abundance Manifestor

They Say Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul.

I would like you to meditate on that for a minute or two.

And now let’s put a spin on it or rather tweak it a little for a while

What if I told you the state of your soul defines how much your eyes can see and therefore what you can perceive.

Your ability to manifest what you desire is highly correlated to how you perceive the world.

As a result, if you want to manifest better, faster and bigger, you need to widen and alter your perception of reality which means see things differently.


Well you got it: BY HEALING YOUR SOUL

By diving into your soul and getting acquainted with your thought patterns, how you feel around and removing the heaviness and low vibrations around what you desire, you will be led to a place of inner peace that is within you, your soul will feel free to vibe freely and will have more room to flourish and as a result will magnetise the object and/or subject of your dreams to you.

In From EYES TO SOUL bundle, I created daily pearls of wisdom that will help you gradually shift your thinking, heal your soul one step at a time and create more space for your dreams to take place and to call your desires.

A few examples of what is covered:

How Setting An Intention Can Cause Drama In Your Life

The Magic of Manifestation Versus The Step by Step Approach

Your Emotions: Your Portal To Manifestation

What To Do When Your Manifestation Is Not Working?

Why Is Manifestation Easier For Some People And Not For Others

The Secret To Fast Manifestation

Repeat after me: “I trust myself and this is what matters”

What’s included:

  • Daily heart felt message that has healing and soothing energy but also that will give you the guidance and understanding you need to move forward in your path and create a reality of your design
  • Homeplay to do daily allowing you to go within and shift and create sustainable change
  • Specific guidance on how to address and heal what is keeping you stuck
  • Meditations to listen to daily that will heal and soothe you and will elevate your energy

Very Early Bird Price: $222 until October 5th

Early Bird Price: $333 until November 5th

Final Price: $555

IN FULL ($222)
PAYMENT PLAN ($22 x 11 = $242, $20 finance costs)
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