What we will do:
🔮 Meditation to feel connected and be in receiving mode
🔮 Insights into how to maintain a higher state energetically on a constant basis and answers all questions on how to heighten the money vibrations
🔮 Group healing to remove from your field the current vibe of money limitations
🔮 Q&A and 15mn focused healing for each participant

Who is this for? Well, this is for you if
✨ You do not know why your money keeps eluding you and would like to put an end to it once and for all
✨ You’ve made wrong decision after another when it comes to money and you can’t trust yourself anymore with any money related matter
✨ You want to set the energy of expansion, abundance and everlasting and ever-growing wealth as your default vibe
✨ You want to transmute the love/hate/famine & feast vibe when it comes to money and you are determined to do so

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💖 In case you know you are totally ready to go full on and experience a very empowering and powerful HEALING your MONEY ENERGY, I then I highly recommend to get immediate access to the MONEY SLAVE TO MONEY MASTER Course in lieu of the workshop. Click here to find out all the details. Besides the course has the MONEY SLAVE TO MONEY workshop as bonus so you will not miss out on these very high vibes of pure healing and spiritual guidance.

Either way, I am very excited to have you onboard and to be working with you!

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