Healing yourself not only allows you to get what you desire as you are no longer slowed down by the heaviness of the low vibrations in your field but most importantly gives you a stronger sense of clarity as you are no longer seeing the world through the lenses of your wound aka pain. 

Healing yourself is like a rebirth but without the impurities in your energy field if I may say so. 

It does allow you to operate from a place of emotional and spiritual alignment as in you’re more balanced and a result you no longer need to compensate as there is no longer lack or scarcity. 

That means no fear, no anxiety, no fear of abandonment any more, no resentment towards whoever wronged you because you’ve done the work. 

You’ve let go of the heaviness. 

You’ve healed the wounds. 

As a ex needy person, you now no longer need to feed into someone else’s energy to feel love and accepted.


Because now you have your own back. 

Your connections are now genuine and more pure. 

Because you no longer need to please, you no longer give everything you’ve got with your soul screaming “please love me” whilst feeling empty.

So whenever you now create a connection whether it is for romantic love, business or friendship, it is because you enjoy fully being present and you want more of it from a place of joy and fun not from a place of neediness and scarcity mode.  

Very few people do experience this state as very few have the courage to do the work. 

Somehow it’s like the Rolls Royce of the inner state lol. It’s true though. Think about it. 

Isn’t this a luxury to have been able to heal yourself and all the wounds and walk around feeling totally whole, abundant and plainly inherently happy?

Some call it inner peace. 

I call it loving yourself.

As when you transition from the wounded self to the loving self, then your life becomes an enchanting of wonders and miracles as you just opened the doorway to unlimited love, abundance, wealth and treasure. 

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