The clients I have been working with can be profiled as those who are ready to let go of the lies they have been telling themselves in order to move on.
I have a very direct approach when I coach and heal my clients and as a results it’s been attracting those who are ready to take the next steps.
The indecisive ones …stay indecisive …until they make up their minds that this is what they want for themselves.
If you want to let go of what’s been keeping you in that vicious circle and you don’t want to be the main character of your own Groundhog Day movie then it is time for you to walk through the fire of truth as I like to call it.
But what do you mean Sabrina might you wonder?
I mean if you want a better life for yourself but you keep wondering when this is going to happen, then the the first step is to start working on your wounds that have kept your desires at bay:
☠️ self doubt
☠️ low self esteem☠️ all of the negative thoughts that keep rushing when you dare to think of your desires☠️ or even if you are focused on your goals and you are adamant this is going to happen but somehow nothing happens the way you expect and you feel stuck and moving at a pace that is far from what you had in mind for sureAll of this is going to healed if you take that step towards healing yourself in such a way that the above will only become an old story that has nothing to do with you any more.
Instead if you want to
🔮 Drop the life struggle
🔮 Reprogram your fears + reframe your story to create a more fulfilling life
🔮 Radically shift your limiting beliefs around how to create the life you desire
🔮 Increase your confidence in yourself and your manifestation potential
🔮 Learn to live in a state of continual flow all day long
🔮 Know how to become an energetic match for what you are asking for
🔮 Shift into a state of daily receptivity
🔮 Increase your understanding of how manifesting works
🔮 Lay a solid foundation for the creating, receiving and manifesting
🔮 Experience energetic, emotional and mental shifts just from playing the videos in the background of your life (in the car, while working out, while running errands, etc.)
omething though I have observed with a few people is them saying they want that amazing life but then are very reluctant to face the truth of how they’ve been living their lives so far.
If you want to experience a true deep sustainable transformation and shift, then opening yourself to truth is a sine-qua-non. In order to upgrade you need to release the old heavy non-supportive energy.
There is no shortcut.
In fact, well there is a shortcut.
And it is HEALING.
Healing is your shortcut indeed and dismissing this part of your growth can only slow the process.
Become an actor in your life and not a spectator and design a life of your desires!
Quantum Transformation Course starts on October 20th
✨ 6 modules
✨ 6 live Q&A where I do a 15min individual healing on a few I will pick.
✨ BONUS: 3 Quantum Transformation Workshops
✨ Access to all Q&A from last year

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The Magical Intuitive Manifestation Coach & Energy Healer

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