Have you noticed that the most clever people are actually very simple in how they think and look at the world?

Yes they can come up and pioneer the most amazing discoveries and findings but the way they think and do thing is crystal clear and straightforward.

They don’t overthink and don’t overanalyse 🧐

They think of something and then do it, excecute and implement.

And this is what I would recommend you to do.

In case of doubt, always go back to basics and stop overthinking.

You can still tweak afterwards.

Upload that video, write that blog, get into that course, embrace your household activities as it is actually very grounding.

You don’t need to overcomplicate something to give yourself a sense of worth.

People who tend to overdo are usually making up for a void they are feeling since.

And this is somethjng that can be addressed.

So that your life can unumcumbered, flowing and simple. It doesn’t mean you can’t have sophistication and lavish lifestyle.

It means you are free and light hearted and you don’t overload yourself with unnecessary practices, rules and overthinking 💖

Happy Manifesting 🔮


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