The biggest trend I observed in my client base is the inability for them to say no with ease and grace to a various range of people they interact with on a daily basis: from their loved ones to their co-workers, employees, clients, friends and/or family.

The reason being is that what they lack is boundaries.

And well hidden behind lack of boundaries are damaged self worth and suppressed and repressed sense of self.

And whilst this funny song video is about women of high value humiliating themselves to get the attention of a man who is some sort of loser and unworthy of their attention and energy and as a result needed to be reminded of how worthy these wonderful women are, I believe this is happening across genders and various areas of your life.

Easier than done might you say or think?

Well this is why you need to heal the wounds, and allow yourself to face whatever emotions will be brought up to the surface.

The reason why it is so hard to leave that person who is abusive or toxic to you and set them straight is that you feel you won’t be able to cope with them gone.

And that applies to all sorts of relationships: love, friendship, business or work.

Whether you are a man or a woman. Of course this is not the reason you are going to give yourself to start with.

You might think to yourself: they need me, or what if I end up alone and unloved and nobody wants me, I need the money, what about financial security, what if I lose my clients.

No my friend.

Stop making excuses.

Instead start healing yourself.

The transformation I have experienced can be qualified as so-called “miracles”.

Once you heal these nasty wounds that made you doubt yourself into believing that settling was better than nothing, then you will naturally gravitate towards what feels true to you with no ounce of hesitation.

Saying no will no longer be an issue for you… and you might find yourself humming HEADS HIGH, KILL EM WITH THE NO πŸ˜‰

Happy Manifesting!

PS: the video is from Lilly Singh, a famous Youtuber who is killing it through her authencity, fun and joyful persona πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

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