“Healing is not for sissies” This is what a beloved member of our community shared during the live energy reset session.

And you know what?

She is 100% right. 


Because what you are inviting into your world when you are taking the healing road is some deep hidden emotional and spiritual wounds to resurface so that they can be healed. Wounds that have been hurting you and your soul for a very long time.

So when you decide to unroot them, you will have to face some truths you might have been running away from.

And that my friend, can be painful.

And you might have some sort of resistance or reaction to it. 

If you are going to be my client, know this.

You all share something very similar: a deep yearning for a better life that you know is out there and yet haven’t managed to create for yourself. 

You might have tried though.

Many times even.

And sometimes you wanted to throw the baby out with the water. 

Whatever the last year has brought for you that felt painful, know that this comes from some unattended wounds deep in your souls that you don’t need to carry with you into 2022.

You can let go of the pain and the suffering and start the new year with some solid foundations.


Well through a transformation week that will dive deep into your soul and heal you at you very core.

If you want to make 2022 a meaningful year, then go to https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/offer/ and enrol immediately to get a fabulous Kickstarter for the new year.

You can either watch the replay of the 2020 Energy Reset session or dive straight in.

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