I was recently interviewed in a podcast to talk about what I do. And the host by being that combination of all aspects of herself with no shame and guilt acted as the last piece of inspiration to reconcile me with all parts of me.

This particular coach was not only acting as a business coach but also a pole dance and twerk teacher…

Is that even possible did I hear myself say whilst I was swiping through her facebook/insta story? Of course were screaming the pictures at me.

One moment I saw her on a pole and doing some cool moves and the next she was giving business tips on how to grow your online business. Before giving her schedule for the next twerking class.

At that point, something clicked.

The reality is you decide how you want to show up and you create your own rules.

When I became an intuitive coach and healer, I kind of put behind me the banking background which was part of my identity as a professional for many years.

I used to live in 2 different worlds where I would hide what I would do to the other world.

Because mixing these 2 genres as in spirituality and business is not something that people do in a casual manner. …Well ….unless you’re watching the movie Inception in a cinema or at home and it totally makes sense that going through the third layer of consciousness of someone’s psyche in order to implant a different seed in his childhood memories is definitely something awesome.

But mixing spirituality with business to enhance consciousness and make a company thrive?

Unheard of … until …

“It is impossible until it is done” dixit Mandela

Even then I believed in my project, I was approaching the traditional market players who couldn’t give a damn to my groundbreaking ideas and the only thing I would get was a raised eyebrow and for the most opened minded ones a sense of intrigue .

So with hindsight, what happened there?

Well let me ask you this

In order to make your big break you desire whatever this big break is… guess what needs to happen first?

The “ was what will THEY think and sat ” syndrome NEEDS TO GO!

The approval seeking stigma is no go when you create.

Trying to get approval and love from people who can’t give it to you will not bring very far anyway. And that applies to love and relationship as well as business.

So that morning of witnessing this business coach embracing all parts of herself, I then was totally inspired to embrace all parts of myself excluded none of it.

“The mix of me between the psychic and healing side, investment banking background, belly dancer , pole dancing, salsa, Bachata and tango dancer being French with Indian and Chinese background who also speaks German on top of French and English and learned some Spanish and Arabic and grew up on a French tropical island called Reunion nobody heard of. Have been living apart from my family since I’m 19. And always set the intention to build an empire and do something big, powerful, of impact and fun which will sustain my dream lifestyle. Oh wait I also grew up embracing 2 different religions very non inclusive of each other one monotheist and one polytheist”

Are you still with me? Or did I make your head spin?

So with that new sense of wholeness, I then decided to open my mic on my platform and talk about a hedge fund using my intuitive gift. What was behind closing this fund which I could look into intuitively.

It was fun and light and really using all my skills lol

With that new fun level of me “exposed” lol, I am now super excited to help business thrive and my approach is definitely like no other 📷:-)

To celebrate it, I am offering you a gift!

**** SPECIAL GIFT: until JUNE 10th, you have the possibility to get a free assessment of your company, healing and guidance on how to rock your bottom line (value $555) ****

Apply if you meet the following criteria:

🔮 Minimum Annual Turnover of $250K

🔮 You have a Team

🔮 Business can be offline or online

🔮 Single owner

🔮 Owner or management embrace their spiritual selves, have had exposure to it or are willing to explore a new holistic approach to business

DM Sabrina to apply or email stfwconsulting@gmail.com with the following title ***Special GIFT Business Assessment***

Check out how to create a quantum transformation in your business here

Now let me ask you, what is the part of you that you’ve kept hidden that makes you so unique? Look into it because this is exactly this wholeness that will make attractive and shine like never ever before.

Lots of love!

Happy Manifesting!

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