Firstly let me set something straight: there is a big difference between embracing your feelings which have been bottled up for far too long as some truth needs to emerge and be acknowledged before being released and going in a self destructive loop that keeps you anxious, indecisive and in which you have been dwelling for as long as you can remember.

A client of mine lately told me she wanted to be more in touch with her intuition so that she could operate in a state of flow on demand in her work.

Next thing I know, we are working on shifting her state at will. Being able to shift your state on demand is extremely pivotal for sustainable and unlimited success.


Simply because this is where it will hurt the most when things don’t go your way and if you are not able to navigate emotionally and therefore energetically through this temporary setback, then all your hard work will be for nothing.

I feel like telling you to be like a cat.

Yes lol

A cat always falls back on its feet.

Be like that and learn how to bounce back like a rubber ball.

Of course the aim of the game is to always get what you ask for with as little hurdles and setbacks.But IF and WHEN it happens, don’t feel powerless and depleted.

Instead become a master at shifting your state on demand by knowing how to create your internal and inner state of happiness by yourself without any prop. And by prop (without being disrespectful), I mean money, partner, flashy things.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not telling you to be an ermit and to live like a monk.

NO I am telling you to be independently happy.

Just because.

And then the rest will add to the picture.

But not be the source of your joy and happiness.

The rest will not be what defines your identity but what is an extension of your identity because then it becomes a no brainer.

It then becomes a no brainer that someone who is able to create such a vibe and energy can only be in a magical and fantastic relationship, be in a state of abundance and overflow when it comes to money and live a lifestyle of his/her liking, no questions asked 🙂

The clients I have been working with have achieved amazing, well quantum type of results to say the least as when we heal the wounded self that was seeking solace in these low vibrations, then life tastes differently and as a result unfolds differently.

So how agile are you when it comes to shift your state in mind? If you want to learn how and enhance this ability, you can get a taster in this magical potion I specifically created for you to help you shift your state on demand.


Who is this session for?Have you ever experienced a sudden setback and you didn’t know how to get back up no matter how hard you tried?

– Have you ever felt that despite the willingness to shift your thinking, this nagging voice comes back over and over again?

– You want to finally get out of this state and see progress. You want to be able to shift your state at will


After this session, you will

– Feel a shift has happened in your state overall

– Let go of these very heavy emotions and vibrations that kept you trapped in a place that felt like hell.

– Feel hopeful and excited about what the future has in store for you.


You can find more of these magic potions here https://themagnificentabundancemanifestor.com/magic-potions/

PS: at a time where holidaying was a thing 😉#mykonos

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