As the year ends, I read the post I wrote regarding 2019 ending. It is still valid. See https://www.facebook.com/sabrina.antou.7/posts/10156641046210913

However needless to say that 2020 was a very unusual year for the whole planet.

The content of the post I wrote back in 2019 doesn’t change though. 


Simply because , the beginning or the end of a year does not define you whatsoever.

Whatever crisis you go through, whether it is global or local, financial or health-related, there is ALWAYS one constant

It is HOW you show up every single day, each single decision you make, the place inside yourself you unlock, the parts of you that you heal and rediscover and make peace with, all of which brings you to your next level of happiness and wealth.

And by wealth I mean: love, money, family and health. All in unlimited doses of abundance.

You are the only who decides how you want to feel and what to do about it.

Those who had their anxiety triggered during these times of uncertainty had the opportunity to go deep within and look at what had actually been a pattern from way before.

I personally experienced a lot of true joy during this year, met magical people, the kind who are just above and beyond what you had prayed for, healed so much inside myself, released tons and tons of deep hidden compounded sadness and sorrow that had been keeping me prisoner for years, decades.

Healing is not always a walk in the park though.

There has been oceans of tears, days of laying in bed crying whilst trauma was being released, and so much more.

As I found out my heart had been crushed, smashed into pieces and ran over and over again and spat on.

The worst part of it.

I didn’t know.

In fact I had been living in a Truman show for so long where I had been taught white was black and black was white.

That emotional abuse and energy vampirism were components of love and that the frequencies of deception was to be my home base.

Hence the pattern of serial heart breaking encounters and disappointments.

Hence why there would be a complete dichotomy Between how I would be so skillful to spot and heal the pain of others but used to embrace red flags instead of moving away from them.

None of it was even conscious to me until it got brought up to the surface.

Narcissistic Abuse 101 will the trained eye say.

To this I will answer: CORRECT

It’s just that I didn’t know.

A lot of denial at first.

Cognitive Dissonance once foreign to me became a familiar term.

I went through a very profound and intense trauma healing journey.

5 to 6 hours of pure, relentless healing DAILY, FOR WEEKS, MONTHS

During this time, I got extraordinary support and guidance and I feel blessed and lucky.

I had prayed for whatever needed to be released to be shown to me. For the right people to show up in my life.

And they did.




Chains were broken, freedom was found and my heart was put back together, piece after piece after piece after piece.

Until I could feel again.

Until I could feel like it is not wrong to feel and love.

Until I finally found that sense of beautiful lightness, wholeness for real with no restlessness

Until I gave brith to myself


So this is my advice to you:

Whenever you are on your knees whether it is physically or emotionally, keep praying, keep sending your desires out there, keep having faith.

The right people will come forward in a magical way.


What are you getting?

🔮 Unlimited sessions over 12 months

🔮 Support over 12 full months with unlimited access to Sabrina from Monday to Friday through messenger for questions and instant remote healing

🔮 5 Quantum Transformation Days

This is your time to take the time for your growth, healing, more and beyond.

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