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🔮Here is a basic question for you: do you let life drag you or do you set intentions and design your life the way you want it to be?

🔮I was watching a webinar on sales the other day and the speaker said something that caught my attention. She asked: how do make your decision to buy? To hire a coach? To buy a course? So the question is Do you let people push you into it? Or do you make the empowered decision to reach out and buy/hire/commit?

🔮Which one are you? They say the truth will set you free … but first will piss you off LOL … so when reflecting on my previous life decisions, I personally have been on both sides. I like to think that I am an empowered person who makes decisions based on my own guidance but the reality is that there have been instances where I made decisions because I felt I had to, out of fear, out of insecurity, out of conformism. Why? Because at the very moment, I didn’t trust myself, I lost touch with myself.

🔮However, every time I made a heartfelt decision, I never looked back as the reward was ten-fold. When I made a decision from a place of ego, fear and insecurity, it always went awry, and a lot of pain and suffering ensued.

💫 Deciding from a place of self limitation, fear will create more drama in your life, trigger an energy that will feel like you are retracting and you will feel trapped and like a spectator of your own life.

💫Deciding from a place of self empowerment can only lead to more expansion, more love, more wealth and ultimately more happiness.

💫So tell me, what type of decision maker are you?

💫Are you self empowered or are you letting everyone else around you but you decide for you. Making a decision from an empowered place and by paying attention to your inner guidance and intuition will lead you to more expansion, more wealth, more love and more happiness.

So here is a tip to know how to decide from an empowered place:
💖Feel inside yourself: how does it feel when you are making that decision? If it feels light and happy, then you know this is what you want to go towards. If it feels heavy and not right, then your senses are telling this is not the best decision for you.

💖Project: what are the possibilities that are opening up to you if you chose to go in this direction? How about the other direction? Don’t let the overthinking and overanalysis get to you and make you doubt. Just feel and wonder what will it feel like if …

💖If there is still some hesitation and whatever you feel like doing there is still fear, anxiety overwhelming you and you still feel indecisive, then you might be blocked. And you have internal mixed messages that makes you doubt still.

💖In that case, it is about clearing that block. And the solution I recommend is to do some energy healing.

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