So here is the story of how Stephan who spent his precious time sending mass messages (obviously) for 3 weeks in a raw first to connect with me on Linkedin then to transform this newfound “lead” into a buying client but when he got the opportunity to be authentic and genuine and get a profitable business connection completely missed the boat lol.

Was it the pressure, the lack of options in scripted messages that he forgot to come up with, or simply inability to just be himself when it comes to business ?

A lot of you are stuck in the “suit attire” communication mode when it comes to “business”. And forget to just BE.


Have you forgotten how to be a human being ?

Well apparently for some of you 😑

What could have he answered that would have be a suitable response might you wonder ?

Just leverage the fact that I answered to tell what he really wanted, be real and fun if possible. In a nutshell just be him.

Well but may be Stephan doesn’t know how to be real any more.

May be he lost himself in trying to fit in like most of us have at some point of our lives.

And Stephan became robotic and couldn’t even communicate with me spontaneously when he was given the chance to.

Have you been in this situation yourself ? Often? What made you freeze?

Well my message to you today is don’t be a Stephan 😁.

Be real, be you and when you are given a window of opportunity whether it is business or your personal life, grab it with both hands instead of being stuck in overanalysis mode 💖

Happy Manifesting!

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