In order to attract what you desire, as per law of attraction, it is about vibrating the energy you want to attract in your life. Being an energetic match for whatever you want to manifest in your life.

In order to do that, the commun guidance is to elevate your energy and therefore your vibrations through mindset work, focus on what you desire and feel the feelings you are supposed to have once you get what you desire. This then makes you some sort of energetic magnet.

So far so good?

Well this is when it becomes tricky.


Because whatever positive thinking you can practice over and over again, there are parts of you that are let’s say wounded that needs to be addressed through healing.


Because these parts of you have very likely been unaddressed for a while considering they can be some scars from some traumatic events you’ve experienced but also can have been transferred to you through your family lineage, karma but also third parties that you have no ideas about.

This is what those who are crushing the manifestation game know but don’t necessarily share openly from what I have observed around me.

Can you skip that part and still get what you want?

Sure of course.

Plenty have done so.

But then …..

They don’t keep what they managed to manifest and manage to self sabotage without even knowing what happened… because they felt they were doing so well.

And then it is even more heartbreaking because they feel like a failure and end up losing the faith they had in themselves.

Of course, don’t quit on your affirmations and your mindset work. Keep believing in yourself and visualise, feel your way with your intuition.

But unless you declutter your energetic field, there is a strong change you feel like you are stagnating and not making much tangible progress or end up in a goundhog day scenario that feels more like a nightmare.

There is so much you can do by yourself on yourself.

If you want the quantum shift and quantum leap then be ready for some quantum changes which also mean quantum healing.

And this is where a lot of you get cold feet.

You might whine and feel saddened by the lack of progress but when it comes to your aspirations, dreams and desires, very few of you are ready first to invest in your growth and healing and somehow will shy away, finding excuses why you cannot.

It is really a question of wanting it and doing what it takes accordingly.

And obviously awareness.

That will also define your strength of character and how you mean what you say.

Don’t be the one who flakes and don’t turn away from the final gateway to your deep desires when you can actually breakthrough.

I will be your biggest fan and advocate but I need something in return: your relentless commitment in yourself.

This is what defines the so-called 1% of the 1%.

PS: LAST CALL FOR 50 SHADES COURSE before module 2 takes place.

This is your time to shine and release that thick coat of heaviness that keeps hurting you.

I have new members who have joined this week. This is not too late … yet.

Join the magical tribe to shine and strive.

PPS: Meet Angel Sabrina on the right … not sure about Charlie’s Angel yet 😉 nor the eyes lol. Love my wings though 

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