In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies Opportunity

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity- Albert Einstein

I admire, love and have a lot of respect for people who have the creativity and courage to bounce back in the middle of uncertainty and challenges.

Watch the story of this former airline pilot who lost his job in March 2020 due to the pandemic and moved from Oman back to his home country Malaysia and opened a burger place with his wife. And it is now sold out daily.

The idea sparked from his love for burgers and as he decided to act upon his idea then went to YouTube to learn and tested various recipes.

This my friend, is how empires are started.

It all begins with a idea, or a disappointment, a slap in the face by life.

And this when some of you will become ballsy and test and try things out.

Sometimes though the excitement will fade or be challenged as you will allow fear and subconscious patterns to run the show for you and instead of thriving, you will watch others thrive with sadness and envy.

Why not me? will you say

Well not to worry.

I have your back.

This is why I created STARDUST, a 6 week programme that is going to help you thrive and succeed during this crucial beginning phase.

Who is this Programm for ?

🔮Have you started your business and despite the will, excitement and vision that you are holding for yourself you can feel still a lot of resistance and fears that seems to slow you down in your progress?

🔮 Do you tend to get overwhelmed quickly by the technicality of automating your business from price structuring, technical aspects to very basic hacks to make everything smooth and flowing?

🔮 Do you have a history of getting excited about a project and then your enthusiasm fizzles out gradually when things get tough or do not go as straightforward as you expected?
So let me tell you this. What you need is resilience of course but guess what it is not JUST about it.

It is about all the small intricacies that any project has awakened in you: the tight chest, the contracted belly, the avoidance of taking that step to get to your milestone even though it is supposedly easy but still something is somehow still not allowing to just flow.

Well it is because of the intricate overlapping of various layers of shadow energies that you have collected and that have been gathering dust in the foundations of your being and at the core center of your essence.

This is why I created STARDUST that will go to the core of you and unlock your productivity and efficiency factor that will open the doors of success for you even before having to push them.

Too good to be true?

Not really.

Do you want to know why?

Because you have no idea how much gunk you have accumulated inside you year after year and even from one or even various past lives and various other realities that do affect you and how your life is going at a deeper level that you have ever imagined.

This is why the most simple task feels dreadful, scary or just plainly heavy.
And no motivational video nor book or seminar will help you heal it at its core until you make the decision to make the deep dive into your soul to heal it with the assistance of a very skilful healer aka me 😎

What are you getting?

  • 🔮 6 week intensive healing of your business with a focus on your vision and creating visibility from the get go without having to wait for ages for clients to show up.
    This includes:
    • ✨ clearing the channels and avenues for clients to pour in with ease and flow
    • ✨ enhance your creativity center to come up with unique soul led offers with no fear and no holding back to promote them, sell them and put yourself out there as the captain of your ship
    • ✨ eradicate any fear of technical limitation that might have scared you in the past and might have been an obstacle between you and payments coming in
  • 🔮 Removal of all blockages to allow your business to be attractive to your ideal clients
  • 🔮 Intensive coaching of the CEO over the 6 week period: 2 personal sessions a week with the CEO + unlimited access to Sabrina from Monday to Friday

Find out more here and invest in your success now

Happy Manifesting!

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