Image may contain: Sabrina Antou, text that says 'MANIFESTATION WEEK 2 Money Monday Abun ance'versus. Scarcity BSQ Tuesday Strategy Manifestation Wednesday IsShadow Work Required oSpe pee Up Manifestation? Love Thursday Heart Connection: Your Magic Key To True Love French Friday Est ce que que-la_magie noire existe? MANIFESTATION WEEK 2'

Happening this week!

Set your notification settings to be notified of the lives 🙂

Click on the picture to see the whole programme for the week ❤️

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Money Monday: Abundance versus Scarcity

BSQ Tuesday: Strategy or Guided Action in Business

Manifestation Wednesday: Is Shadow Work Required to Speed Up Manifestation?

Love Thursday: Heart Connection, Your Magic Key To True Love

French Friday: Est ce que la magie noire existe?

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