I was asked lately in our private group by a member what I write in my journal.

The exact question was: do you write everything? Good and bad?

So I thought I would share my answer to you all πŸ’–

β€œYes everything.

Overall it all depends what your intentions are:

  1. Release emotions or energies
  2. Dump everything that is on your mind (first to be able to connect with your feelings, stay with them and release the parts of you that is no longer serving you which then is close to point 1)
  3. Manifest and create in the quantum field to then call it in your physical reality
  4. Tap into your intuition and find out about what your next step is, or get messages from your guides, higher self, inner being (all interchangeable names as what this means is that you are tapping into divine intelligence by heightening your state aka frequencies/vibrations). β€œ
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