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“Wow this is better than cocaine” … this is literally what someone told me after I gave him a sample of my sessions.

When I work with clients, often times at the end of our session, I see them being in a very much different state from when we started. They are high emotionally that is energetically. Barriers are removed and a field of possibilities has emerged.

What happened there?

When I clear the heavy energy in your body, in your energetic field and as a result remove what is blocking you, what happened is you go up a level or many in terms of your vibrations. At the same time, your consciousness increases which means your awareness is enhanced and you get to experience a new dimension.

At that very moment, you are in your power to create and design the reality you desire without the block that was holding you back.

And this is when REAL MAGIC takes place.

So for you to manifest what you desire, operate from a place of high vibrations, meaning get your vibrations to a high frequency and clear all the low vibrations energies that got stuck in your energy and body.

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