Clutter can be physical (the mess in your room), digital (how state of your inbox) but also emotional (loads of unprocessed trauma) and spiritual (your soul is split and deeply wounded).

And that why my friend you haven’t got what you desire yet.

Yes take the course, the time management power hour, the fengshui consultant that will give your home a makeover like even Marie Kondo herself has never seen before, get the executive coach that will sky rocket your productivity and life balance.

Do it all

Draw out your strategy, identify your milestones, set your KPI and knock yourself out to create your project management system

Test it

Embrace it

Immersive yourself in these amazing support and help


All of the above will be fruitless if you don’t do the very basic thing that will be your best lucky charm

Declutter your energy and heal yourself deeply

Energetic clutter is created as a result of layers and layers of stuffed emotions that created havoc in the various parts of your being and that you never really faced firstly because you were not even aware of the damage done and second because you were not equipped to face it as the pain that these stuffed emotions was so immense

And then we go even deeper

The reason why these emotions were stuffed in the first place:

Was it childhood trauma, neglect and abuse?
Was it an old trauma bond that you have with either a family member or someone close to you that you can’t free yourself from?
Was it a curse whether done directly to you or that comes from your family?
Was it some crappy energies that you brought from various lifetimes?
Was it black magic done to you that infiltrated your energies when you were in a vulnerable state?
Was it the spirit of a deceased and an entity that attached itself to you and is draining you day in and day out?
Was it some alien interference that messed up your energies? (I know I know …I can’t believe I am talking about it in public …but I have seen quite a lot during my healing sessions and believe me that is a thing … which I have witnessed and dealt with when I visited the various dimensions of realities to tackle the various components that need to be addressed for my clients to heal, thrive and prosper)?

Sometimes it is one of the above, sometimes it is more, sometimes it is all of them. Well in that case, don’t delude yourself. One single session is not going to cut it. I might be one of the best healers you will ever meet but come on if you are deeply damaged energetically, simply from a body recovery perspective, it will have to be progressive and gradual.

However the changes that will occur will transform you so deeply that the effects will be irreversible.

What I give you is not a coping tool or a reframe work.

It is a sky rocket life change transformational experience that very few have been let in on.

So now what can you do about this clutter you might wonder?

Well the best you can to identify it and expand your awareness around it

But when it comes to heal it

I highly recommend you to join me either for a group programme or private session

Soulheal is a 4 week transformational programme minimind that will rewire you energetically and heal you deeply at soul level

Link in the comments below (intro offer expires after 31.07.2022)

PS: If you feel you need more individual attention or more time to heal, then DM me and I will be assessing your needs and what programme fits you best

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