Mastermind: The Magic Circle

Hello Magnificent Abundance Manifestor,
Here is my magical surprise for you


After having worked with several private clients through my one to one quantum transformation programme and courses, I witnessed that the more often my clients had exposure to my content and my energy, the quicker and more powerful the shifts and transformations were happening. Of course, it goes without saying that they were willing to do the work!

So I wondered….

What if you could have it all at once?

The courses, the homework, my support, the individual healing and a specific intention that you will manifest for each single of you.

And this is why I came up with a high-end Mastermind for those who want it all NOW! Without having to do one course after the other. YOU WANT RESULTS FAST!

You join for 5 months. For this cohort you are getting an additional month as bonus. So overall you will be in the mastermind for 6 months.

It is a boot camp format to have a super quantum transformation with me by your side ca. 24h/7 over 6 months.

You join, and soak in the energy of super quantum transformation vibes.

🔮Business taking off magically

🔮Fuller expression of your true authentic self

🔮 Agenda being filled with clients bookings whilst being almost empty for months

🔮5 figures sale through a business after only 2 weeks of working with me

🔮Money being gifted after a live group module with me

🔮Reality bended after having learned to command your own energy

🔮 Continual increased clarity around next steps, desired outcomes, and overall direction

🔮House sale unblocked as a side effect of work on eradicating depression and anxiety

🔮Feeling more deeply connected to yourself

🔮Stronger boundaries, more assertiveness and more clarity around what feels good to you vs. what’s detrimental to you and natural action taking without pushing it.

🔮Relationships healed

 🔮 2 calls every other week (4 calls a month in total): A live module for group healing and coaching with a theme that I will choose intuitively also in correlation with the energy of the group + a live coaching for 2 members (with 30min-45min of individual healing) I will intuitively pick

🔮 Unlimited access to me from Monday to Friday through group chat messenger for questions and constant support, etc.

🔮 Access to all my courses and magic potions (existing and created) during the period of the Mastermind as part of the curriculum.

🔮Opportunities to upgrade your network with like minded people with the same aspirations through my exclusive private facebook group and private chat group

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You will be given access to some powerful material to go through prior to starting the sessions which will act as an energy detox


After establishing what would like to manifest, Sabrina will start her work by diving into your soul, and will explore and do a deep cleansing and healing of all the parts of you that have been repressed, suppressed, wounded, violated in your soul from childhood and beyond (karma, past lives, negativity from others that you carry without knowing) that affected your sense of self and is now affecting your adult life whether it is in your career and business or your love life.

By the end of this phase, you will start feeling the heaviness gone and the sense of pressure being transmuted into higher and more supportive energies. You will start seeing some major shifts in your life already.


During these months, we will zoom in the areas of your life that you would like to alter and discover and undo all the patterns of your life that have kept you in a loop for years and that you haven’t managed to break despite all your efforts, various training, classes or so-called “gurus” you have followed. You will finally be able to make the progress you wanted and get non only a sense of relief but also substantial progress in your life.

By the end of this phase, we will have undone all the debilitating patterns that kept you in a loop in the past. You will be seeing new doors opening for you and new opportunities will start opening up for you.


Truth has a very strong and high energy attached to it. As I will be working on you and your various levels of energy bodies, I will inject gradually an increasing amount of energies (truth, love, willpower) in your field. On a practical level, that means you will start being more perceptive about yourself, others, toxic relationshp will fade away and you will start creating a healthier support system for you to grow, thrive and love. This phase will intensify the cleasing at a level that your body can now integrate as you will be used by then to the heightened energies in your system.

By the end of this phase, you will have reshaped your life entirely and have very healthy and solid foundations


During this healing phase, you are going to operate at a different energy level and therefore frequency. The work will focus on enhancing your energy and you will experience more flow in your life as a result.

By the end of this phase, you will have know how to command your energy to bend your reality at will and manifest whatever you desire at will.


This healing phase is aimed at creating a super quantum experience and create exponential growth for you.

By the end of this phase, you will be experiencing the life you wanted to manifest based on solid foundations and with the ability to cope with any new unexpected situation with your own personal formula .

Feeling like this is a hell yes? here’s your next step:

Fill out the application. If the mastermind is a good fit, Sabrina will follow up via email with the next steps to get started.

Please note: At this time Sabrina is not taking sales calls. If you do have questions or want to chat with Sabrina, feel free to do so via Facebook messenger.

Once Sabrina valides your application, you will be able to move to step 2 and complete the payment. If you are not ready and certain about this program please do not apply.

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$15,555 upfront payment and $7,777 over 4 months  
(total $46,662; finance costs: $2,219)
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💖 “Congrats on being the leading edge of thought” Michael, Texas, USA

💖 I would like to thank Sabrina Antou for being such an intuitive force in my life. At a time I was feeling blocked and not able to receive success to the level I wanted and knew was possible, she helped me realize there was so much pain and anger from the loss of my parents and 2 brothers that was in my heart and blocking my receiving channels. Of course I went through moments of self healing and grace poured on me so mercifully. Today, I am enjoying more levels of wealth than ever before and I know this is just the beginning!! I am so excited about what is coming!!! I would recommend a session with Sabrina to anyone who needs to move forward in any area of their life. Cynthia, Cameroon

💖” I would like to convey how eye-opening and life changing this session was. You are truly gifted and I sincerely hope you get your work to the world, because I am certain you will change many lives for good. I was telling my husband about it last night and he agrees- the world needs you!” Jennifer, Houston,Texas, USA

💖 “Sabrina stands out from other manifestation coaches as having a wonderfully honed intuition and heart-centered practice. She is fantastic at tuning in to the underlying issues behind any creative block and working through them to create truly positive shifts.” Zachary, USA

💖 “The work Sabrina and I did together was extremely healing on a very deep level and in the gaps of time in between session, I witnessed many amazing breakthroughs happening and synchronicities. Sabrina works at the root of the problem situation with the aim of creating fundamental change.” Chantal, London UK

💖 “Sabrina is insightful, intuitive and not afraid to call you on your BS in a very loving and nurturing way. She picked up on things I didn’t share and was able to dive deeper into myself that I have even been able to.” Sarahlynn, Kansa City, Missouri,USA

💖 “I have never experienced anything like that before, I felt so much lighter and happier afterwards. You are amazing and definitely would like to work with you again” Ennie, Namibia

💖 “Sabrina did not only open my eyes, she also opened my heart and helped me to look at myself and see who I really am” Marie, Bordeaux, France

💖 “After that session, I felt so much lighter and happier. It’s like a heavy coat had been lifted” Stella, Sydney, Australia

💖 “When I first found her services online, I was really desperate for a solution to my anxiety. The calmness I felt mid process really took me by surprise. I was overjoyed with peaceful ecstaticness. And she did all this in a single session! I think this is why you should definitely consider having a session with Sabrina. She is an excellent healer for all esoteric, social, and abundance issues, but moreover, a humble human being that just gets you.” A.J. Toronto, Canada

💖 “Before I had my session with Sabrina, I had a lot of pretty major difficulties in my life — no job, a steadily decreasing bank account, and no self confidence. I was getting to a very dark point when I touched base with Sabrina. I now have a job. Which is exciting but would normally cause me anxiety. Now I feel more confident in my ability to do the job and/or ask for help if I need it. My bank account is beginning to fill in again and I’m happier in my day-to-day. I’m not sure I could have gotten this far without Sabrina’s help. ” Alanna, Toronto, Canada

💖 “Before working with Sabrina, I was a struggling losing trader and also suffered life long anxiety. Sabrina went deep with her clearings. As a result, my trading journey started flourishing with better trading results and reduced anxiety. Sabrina is highly intuitive and able to pintpoint and remove blocks. I decided to renew the programme as a lot of things have been manifesting and flowing to me more and more throughout the weeks due to the sessions” Kiran, Manchester, UK

💖 “Wow, I had a session with Sabrina last night, she has such a beautiful energy coming from her, and her ability to read me was just amazing. I supplied no information about me before we started and she got everything 100%. She was very quick in working through things. I understand myself so much more now, and just in working with Sabrina I was able to connect to energy and feel live long emotional blocks moving. I have been in a stuck position for a few months. I am now looking forward with excitement to the next month of my life, because I believe I will see changes for the better and I will start moving forward. ” THERESA, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

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