At the time I was looking for success clues wherever I could find some sort of guidance, a recurrent theme kept coming up: the necessity to have a routine.

What is a routine?

It is simply some sort of rules that you set yourself to comply with, some sort of check list to tick daily to make sure that you are making your way to your desired outcome.

My thoughts on that?

Hummm 🧐


I think it’s great for those who like routines and structure. And I command you all who are adept of routines.

Personally I felt very bullied by routines and as I tried to impose on me these kind of set rules.

The free-spirited side of me would go on strike whenever there are rules

For example I would do a very demanding to do list and then somehow end up losing it lol or doing something that has nothing to do with my to do list.

So what happened there?

How do I manage to accomplish anything if I have such a loose behavioural pattern might you wonder?

Well there is a trick.

A secret.

In fact my secret.

I have a highly structured mind and I can shift to a laser focused state on demand.

And I have resilience.

One moment I can be in the flow dancing to some latin, pop or arabic music vibes in my living room or sing and the next I will be focused for a set period of time and let nothing disturb me. And be ruthless about it.

Additionally, I believe it is about learning to prioritise and to know how to use your energy. I call it commanding your energy.

It is also about listening to your intuition to know what to do and when to do it.

What to pay attention to and what to let go of.

And this is what I teach my clients to do so that their lives can become smooth and productive without having to be painful. Yes you will need some discipline to make sure you get to where you want to be.

But I believe it comes from within and the rest is about using some safeguards to keep yourself in check.

And when you slip, what do you do?

You know that is part of the process and it is ok.

Get back on track.

What matters is to know what works for you. Know your own cycle.

Now it can happen that you feel very foggy and struggle to know yourself which happens more often than you think.

Don’t make it a big deal.

Get help to get out of this foggy state, get the focus you need to take action that gets you closer to what you desire day after day.

So do you need a routine?

My view is yes you need some sort of guidelines to make sure you don’t slip and digress but most importantly you need a strong why to get back to and the rest is just logistics.

Happy Manifesting!

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